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Everything you need for
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Global pages

Prevent mistakes and misunderstanding in adaptation of global content through local teams. Read exactly how they work here.

Custom roles and custom approval workflow

Give any team member only the permissions they need and create the perfect workflow and set of rules to perfectly fit your needs in your workflow.

Outstanding customer service

24/7 premium support to help you anytime, onsite onboarding for the whole team - our team will come to your facility and demonstrate the product so you save time and get the most of it, a dedicated account manager to preferentially solve all your problems, Service Level Agreement securing high quality.

Analytics tailored for enterprise

Report easily, see what post are performing the best based on the selected metrics. See the benchmarks and set your KPIs. Custom metrics tailored for your specific analyticsand reporting system.

Branded interface

Added company logos for an even more professional appearancein front of your client.

Custom integrations

Tailored for your work process. Connecting with tools you already use or plan to use, for an improved all-over working experience.

Powering the world's top agencies and brands


"What we found after introducing Kontentino, was that producing content became a lot more efficient and a lot more effective."

James Aris, Digital Marketing & Communications Manager, Asahi Beer

Built-in security and compliance

Kontentino ensures sensitive company and customer information remains secure with enterprise-ready security features and compliance with various industry and cloud service standards.

  • Data encryption
  • Regular content backups
  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
  • Private cloud based on your business location
  • Data audit & access logs
  • Private email server
  • Own encryption keys

Get more out of your existing software

Kontentino adds value to your company by centralizing information from the software you already use. Cut down time spent switching windows, smoothing out stilted processes and breaking down information silos in the process.

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