Simplified content creation & planning

All posts in one place perfectly organised

Have all your social media posts in one place and perfectly organized. Our intuitive calendar helps you have an overview of all your social media content across all social media platforms. Reschedule or duplicate posts with the drag’n’drop feature and ...

Live post preview for all social media post types

Are you still planning your posts in spreadsheets and hoping for your clients’ good imagination? Make it easier for them and you as well. View all posts exactly the way they would look posted on social media platforms, no matter if it's Facebook...

Plan rich content using the latest post types

Having engaging social media content and high organic reach requires using a variety of post types. Plan and approve all posts from standard posts or link posts to GIFs, carousels or even 360° photos or panoramas. Page likes and other ad formats included.

Help yourself with a post checklist

Let Kontentino remind you of guidelines and rules you set in your content strategy. A post checklist helps you create posts loved by clients and consistent, on-brand social media communication.

Instagram scheduling is one click away

As we all know, Instagram hasn't allowed publishing posts except from their app. However, with Kontentino you are able to do that! Schedule your posts through Kontentino...

Boost Facebook posts in advance

Set boosting for all your scheduled post in advance. Not like in other tools, Kontentino does not keep the scheduled Facebook posts in the app but Kontentino exports them directly to Facebook.

1-view calendar

There's no need to switch between tabs anymore. You can see all your channels and profiles in one easy-to-use calendar. Just choose ...

Client friendly

Clients approve posts
from everywhere

We truly understand the value of every client’s time. Therefore, we have created the most intuitive and convenient client interface for quick content approval. Clients comment or approve posts in Kontentino’s calendar with just one click. They are...

Save your post ideas and get inspired

Having a brand anniversary or launching a new product? Searching for a place to store ideas or inspirations for content? Store and get your social media team notified about all the important dates at the very place they create content at. Also let...

Save and reuse
your visual content

Have all of your visual content in one place. All images uploaded during post creation are automatically saved in albums. In Kontentino, you can also store and manage all your image inventory to have it accessible to your social media managers.

Translations for international pages

Agencies save time and resources when working with translators through Kontentino. Duplicating more posts at once is very handy for multilingual and international pages or when working with multiple...

Seamless collaboration & approval workflow

Easy and flexible approval workflow

No more long email threads and lost attachments, Excel spreadsheets or Google Docs. Let your clients approve or comment on your work right next to the post-proposal...

Collaborate with your team seemlessly

Bring your team together and help make each other's life easier and work faster. Assign tasks to designers, copywriters and translators and track their work in the dashboard for an overview of finished and unfinished tasks.

Easy translations for international brands

Involve your translator in content creation. Your team as well as your client are able to see translated copy text right next to the original post. Duplicating...

Document every change and keep track of post statuses

Organize your content management workflow and keep all changes transparent and documented. Seeing the progress from content creation to approval and posting helps you avoid repeating mistakes and be more effective.

Priceless handy features

Better content balance with post labels

Do you always keep your social media content balanced? Haven’t you published too many hard-sell posts recently? Use tags to control your content balance in advance. Labeling your posts with customized tags gives you a nice percentage overview of what...

Never exceed your planned boost budget

Make planning and controlling boost budgets for your posts really easy. Distribute your budget across your posts and get them approved by clients. See planned boost budget in the campaign or monthly summary and never exceed the agreed monthly limit.

Simple picture enhacements

Don't bother your graphic designer with small and silly graphics tasks. Use Kontentino’s image templates for adding logos, branded frames or other post visual style to your images. Simply upload any PNG transparent template and use it any time you need.

UTM Tag Builder

Do you tag your social media links with custom UTM tags for better analytics? You don't have to use any external UTM tag creator anymore. Create them directly in Kontentino while planning your posts.

Restrict which fans will see your posts

Audience restriction is for international Facebook pages which need to limit the visibility of planned content to specific demographics. If it’s either for responsibility reasons, specific country or language...

Bring emotion to your content

Ever typed a message on our smartphone, toggled emoji keyboard, picked the right one for your message and send it? Social media content creating process should not be an exception! With Kontentino, you get emoji keyboard directly...

Analytics & Reporting

Beta analytics are here! If you want to see how your posts and page is performing, just choose 'Analytics & Reporting' in the top menu. Set the time frame...

And we have packed much more!

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