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3 best things about Kontentino

Bo Pokštefl
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Bo Pokštefl

We have been trying to make your life easier for a couple of years now – 3 to be exact. As we started as a mean to fulfill the needs of an agency, we know what social managers and their clients need and we always make sure to listen to them. These are a couple of things we know you appreciate that help making your social media work a piece of cake – with a multi-level approval process that prevents mistakes and helps keep your content game strong.

That’s where and why it all started. Social media managers, graphic designers, creative directors, clients…And everyone wanted to have a say in what goes out in. Sounds scary? It was. Lost emails, loads of spreadsheet versions and no one was sure about anything. We started in an advertising agency precisely because of this. We wanted to tackle this problem – how to effectively remove stress, errors and make everything in the approval process run smoother?

We created a hub, where everyone can add in their 2 cents and everything is always there – transparent, intuitive and simple – in one calendar, where all the posts, comments and tasks are kept for everyone to see.

One of our top priorities is – you guessed it – to save you from redundant tasks and allow you to focus on creating quality content! That’s why we always keep track of what the main uses of our features are. We try to make patterns and think of ways to simplify them and remove steps when possible. That’s how we came up with a few simple, yet effective ‘Kontentino hacks’.

Fully customizable and a lifesaver for a lot of you apparently – this little guy comes in handy (not only) when in a rush – did you forget anything your client always asks for? Just take a quick look and see if you’re good to go. You can create these checklists for specific clients or accounts, but even post types.

Need to always add the logo? Branding? Anything else? And you don’t have time for another feedback round with the graphic designer? We got you. You can create post templates by uploading any graphic element and then simply apply it anytime you need. You can even add a reminder to do that into your post checklist!

If you have a client that just doesn’t want to (or can’t) use Kontentino, or you just want to share your content plan with anyone – even not a Kontentino user – this option is for you. Just select the plan you want to export, choose the format and download.

Your posts get exported directly to Facebook, which allows you to make additional edits afterwards – before your post is live on Facebook. This way you can set up boosting, tag your products, add locations or even tag people directly in your post or photo in advance.

Still want more? Check out other features here. Boosted a post and need to change it? Try this Facebook hack to edit boosted posts.

Social media isn’t a field you can sleep on for very long – it constantly changes and evolves – and so do we. Our developers work tirelessly on implementing every change possible. Since we focus on a few specific functionalities and not try to include every feature available, we are able to adapt pretty quickly – that’s why you can create the newest formats and try the latest features ASAP. This way, we were able to bring you 360° photos, Facebook carousels and Instagram slideshow posts on the same day those options came out. Since our foundations lay within an advertising agency, we still use their social media know-how, feedback and struggles to move forward.

Also with this comes the possibility to develop custom features – can’t find what you’re looking for? Just contact our customer service and they will help you out.

All these (and many more) attributes of Kontentino have been helping our clients make their workflow easier and more effective by eliminating redundant steps for years now and we are certainly not slowing down:)

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What about you? Is there any other feature you like? Let us (and others) know in the comments below:)

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