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5 simple tips and tricks to get the best out of Kontentino

Bo Pokštefl
Written by
Bo Pokštefl

In Kontentino we focus on making your life easier. Here’s a few tips and tricks, that you maybe didn’t know. Happy trying and time-saving!⏱

1. Plan your “Instagram grid” with one click

Want to have a fun Instagram profile like this? Or this? It’s a lot easier now. Just choose the grid view and make sure all the squares are where they should be and see your profile exactly as it will look on Instagram.

2. LinkedIn page @mentions made easy

There’s no need to do it on LinkedIn additionally. Just type “@” into the copy text box, start typing the name of the company name and choose it from the list. That’s it! 

3. Let your clients approve content from anywhere

You don’t have to wait until your client comes to the computer anymore. Doesn’t matter if iOS or Android user, they can comment and approve anytime and anywhere ?. Just send them the link and watch them get happy about the convenience ?

4. Move or copy your posts in your calendar

Instead of opening each post and rescheduling it manually, you can copy or move your content using Drag’n’drop feature in calendar in seconds.?

5. Add branding to your social content easily

You don’t need to ask the graphic designer to brand your post. Keep your branding, logo, frame or anything else you use often a click away by adding it to your image templates and using it in a few seconds.

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