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8 Reasons Pokémon Is Rocking The Online World


Hockey stickers collection craze, Rubik’s Cube obsession, Tamagotchi mania… The trends in popular toys had been numerous. And then 90s kids fell in love with the yellow Pikachu.

The boom of exchanging Pokémon cards gradually grew into gaming and then died out. Who would have thought that history would repeat itself? The new app Pokémon GO has dominated the online market, and in less than two weeks, it has become a global phenomenon.


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Pokémon GO is an augmented reality smartphone game available on iOS and Android devices. Developed by Niantic and Nintendo, it was released only a few days ago.

In short, it is a great example of geocaching use in a game. In the app, you wander a country – a redrawn authentic map of your real surroundings. Thanks to this geolocation function, you can spy on Pokémon, which you can catch in a Pokéball, train, or look for gyms (stadiums) where you fight and advance to different levels of the game. Collection of Pokémon automatically turns on your phone’s camera, and you find yourself in augmented reality. Moreover, every kilometer you walk gets you closer to egg hatching (if you have any eggs). Even though the game is free, you can buy some stuff with Pokécoins. A new feature that is being planned, Pokémon GO Plus, will enable Bluetooth pairing with other people, and vibration notifications sound good, too.

Does all that sound stupid? Let’s have a look at the facts and stats first and make the judgement at the very end 😉

“At one point, someone yelled:


The benefits of the game and the craze around chasing Pokémon has not bypassed the world of marketing, either. To see how you can use it to enhance your marketing strategy, both online and offline, stay tuned for our next blog!

Read the Slovak version of this blog post on Triad blog 🙂

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