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Brand new Android app is here! (BETA)

Ivan Hanák
Written by
Ivan Hanák

A brand new version of the Kontentino Android application is about to be released and you can be one of the first ones to get your hands on it.

What’s new?

  • no need to enter a company username anymore when logging in
  • push notifications history within the app
  • lots of new post types (Instagram stories, LinkedIn video&gallery, new Facebook CTA buttons…)
  • client interface with push notifications! (when you send posts to your client for approval, when they approve your post, etc.)
  • commenting with push notifications
  • dozens of fixed bugs
  • an option to change the company (if you use your email within multiple companies, the app is ready for you!)
  • more specific error messages (when you lose your internet connection, when you enter an incorrect password)

How to get the app:

Shoot us a message into the chat from your Kontentino account to get the download link.

Will the application be available on Google Play?

Sure! Once the beta is over, the application will be available for everybody in Google Play.

Can my clients try the BETA version of the app?

Sure! Again, just request the download link in the chat.

What’s next?

We hope this major update of our application will bring a smile to your face when using Kontentino, should it not though, you are always welcome to share your feedback through the blue icon on the right bottom side of your screen 🙂

Talk to you next time 🙂

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