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Facebook changes the way organic reach is measured

Bo Pokštefl
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Bo Pokštefl

Your page reach is lower than usual? It may be due to the different way Facebook has been measuring it recently.

Until now, organic reach and paid reach has been calculated differently. Paid reach was more strict – only those posts were counted, which entered the screen. However, organic reach was calculated historically – how many times it was delivered in News Feed.
This stricter way of measuring organic reach may result in a further decrease in numbers you will see in your insights. To give us time to adjust, Facebook will be leaving the older metric in for a while longer.

This is how you will see the difference in your Insights:


Source: facebook.com/business


Since we want you to keep up with these changes and stay on top of them, we use the new metric in our newly implemented Beta-version of analytics.

You can see for yourself how your posts and page as a whole are performing. Just look at the menu on top – and chose ‘Analytics & Reporting’



Next, you just choose the timeframe from which you want to see the results and voilà – you can see how your posts and page were doing at that time.

You can also generate a pdf report with one click!

Where are some more advanced analytics and KPIs you ask? We hear you, we have some tweaking to do. But they are coming soon, we promise 🙂

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