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Introducing: Spreadsheets in Kontentino

Ivan Hanák
Written by
Ivan Hanák

Do you remember your life before Kontentino? How you used to plan and approve content using spreadsheets? It was messy, chaotic and confusing but nobody cared, at that time it was the perfect option. The only option.

We decided to go retro and bring spreadsheets back!

Image source: nealschaffer.com

Kontentino was built in a digital agency where we also once had one spreadsheet to rule them all. The process of planning and approval was stressful. Email attachments went missing regularly and it was difficult to imagine a finished post while looking at the spreadsheet.

After some time, spreadsheets got us all. Were they confusing? Complicated? Irritating?

Google Spreadsheets was an amazing helper and you are probably still using it for your personal needs, are you not?

However, one thing is still missing there – they cannot be used for flawless team communication!

And that’s tough one!

Thankfully, there are specialized social media tools to solve this issue and help you out.

Here’s the deal

Google Spreadsheets:

+ everybody knows how to use it
– it’s hell when people communicate using it :/

Social Media Tools:

– not everybody knows, how to use them :/
+ easy when people communicate using them

Red pill and the blue pill at the same time?

You cannot take them both at the same time…

Similarly as you can either go yin or yang.

And yes, you can cheer either for Red Sox or Yankees.

Or again, Ashla or Bogan, it’s your choice.

The choice is not easy

Stop sadding, start happying!

Yes, I have just made these words up but hope you get the point!

We are introducing: Spreadsheets in Kontentino!

YES! The power of your favourite office suite and also your loved social media tool got together to make your life easier than it was ever before! To make you remember the perks and struggles of those good old days.

Enjoy the power of Google Spreadsheets in your favourite social media tool!

Have your clients experience the most generic interface out there, not having to be distracted by learning how to use the tool!

Also, you can use our live post preview or additional features, like post checklist, adding frames/brand logos to images (if you work with alco-brands, you know, what I am talking about 😉 ), various post types like 360 panorama photo, Instagram stories and much more!

How to enjoy retro Kontentino

You can easily enjoy this retro feature that will take you back to the good old (and chaotic) days of spreadsheets content planning and approval. Go to your Kontentino calendar and click “spreadsheet” in the top right corner.

Enjoy those rows and columns and let us know if you can imagine your social media management to go back to this again.


To conclude…

Remember, in our industry, it is important to stay up to date, use the latest formats and correct image dimensions to create content that is as perfect as it can be.

On the other hand, if the spreadsheets are just a distant memory to you, it’s amazing! It means that you have moved on.

Hope you all like this retro feature and are enjoying this April Fool’s Day as we are!

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