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February Social Media News

Social media news: February

Bo Pokštefl
Written by
Bo Pokštefl

March is here, the snow is slowly melting, the temperatures are rising and along with that come February social media news.


The rocket is flying away from Facebook

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s here! The explore feed is no more. Many who experienced it have their old news feed back and page posts returned to our walls. Facebook evaluated, that such split doesn’t bring more interaction among users, which was the whole point of this test.

New organic reach

Facebook informed us, they would be changing the way organic reach is calculated. What does it mean? We’ve been deceived all this time   Let us explain:

  • Old organic reach was the number of times a non-promoted post was displayed in the user’s News feed. The user didn’t even have to see the post, but the organic reach had already been counted in.
  • New organic reach is the number of displays of a non-promoted post on the screen of the user. It means the user really sees it. So if you were happy about your high organic reach, it’s possible that a high percentage of the users didn’t even see your post. 

3D posts

Amazing! There’s a new type of posts, with which we can creatively affect users, communicate a product or simply entertain them. O2 SK tried it as the first ones in Slovakia and it works great. Soon this option will be coming to Kontentino as well!


If you want a simple way of creating 3D posts for yourself, just try this tutorial from Vectary. It’s a free online tool designed precisely to do that 🙂

Source: vectary.com

Sending money through Messenger

We will be able to send money through MSG.

Effects in livestream

In livestream settings an option came up – Live Creative Kit, which enables us to edit various elements in live videos, including intro and outro elements. So we won’t have to add them through an external program afterward. Great stuff.


We’re returning to old classics…Lists, welcome.

Facebook has been pushing personalisation into our news feeds for quite some time now and getting as much info as possible from the users. So, here come lists. If our feeds will be full of them, some of us (including me) will shed a tear for the Explore feed.

Downvoting comments

What is it? Downvotes aren’t dislikes. This option will only serve Facebook to evaluate inappropriate comments quicker. The user won’t see, how many downvotes a comment has.


Post scheduling

Instagram finally made post planning available. They provided Facebook partners with API, which make it possible. After this test and removal of all bugs, this API should be available to all social media tools including Kontentino. And you bet, we will among the first ones to jump on it! For now, you still have to schedule all IG formats via our mobile app.


However, common folk would much rather the posts would show up in chronological order once again. Well, we probably won’t see that anymore.

Disappearing content

Yes, on Snapstagram too. I mean, Instagram.

The option is being tested to send photos and videos, which will only be possible to view once and disappear forever.

Source: techcrunch.com

A new addition to the world of social


A new app called VERO has taken the world by storm.

The most interesting thing about it is that unlike other social media apps, there’s no traditional ads. It’s AD FREE. So brands can’t play on that field. Yet. But if you don’t want to be bothered by ads, you have to pay for it. They have to make a living from something…It isn’t anything horrible, though. Yearly it should be about 15 dollars. The first million registrations were free. Those ones are gone. But! Vero is prolonging the offer until further notice, so go for it. I’m on there as well, so feel free to add me.

On Vero, you can post photos and videos like you are used to. Unlike Instagram for example, you can recommend music, movies, TV shows, books, places and the most interesting of all – links.

The next interesting thing is, that you can choose the people you want to see content from. When you conntect with someone in Vero, you can add him to one of these 4 categories:

  • Close friends
  • Friends
  • Aquentances
  • Followers

What it actually means: you can choose to show party photos from Friday to your friends, but regular followers won’t see this content. You can even set a different profile photo for each group.

Will this app be Facebook’s or Instagram’s competitor? Maybe. We had some attempts, but they weren’t very successful. Let’s see, what developers make out of this app.

That’s all for February, folks. See you later 🙂

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