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Top 8 social media tools for the year 2018

Bo Pokštefl
Written by
Bo Pokštefl

If you are like us, you are still looking for ways to make your social media presence more simple, attractive and effective. With a new year before us, this is the just the right time to try something new, which helps us with just that. Enhance your visual content, listen more and make your scheduling and approval process as simple as it gets! We’ve compiled a list of a few tools, which will definitely save your time and improve your social media game.

Let’s start with the theme of visuals – try Pexels. Lots and lots of free stock photos. Apart from using those, you can browse the profiles of the top photographers or submit your own images. A real saviour, when you don’t want to use the same stock photos everybody else has.


Now this one’s a real time saver. It mainly does all the “manual” work for you – whether it’s the option to save drafts and frequently used phrases to avoid manually retyping them all the time, avoiding unwanted accounts based on your criteria or deleting all your past tweets, etc…Rather than doing it one by one, leave it to Socialoomph and spend your time doing something else 🙂 Its’ main focus seems to be on Twitter, but it also has a few nice features for other platforms. We wouldn’t recommend it for those though – we would stick to Twitter with this, if you ask us.


Need something easy and handy for agency-client social media workflow and scheduling? We got you covered. Everything is intuitive – you see everything in a transparent calendar and your post previews look exactly as they would when they are posted. Also – say goodbye to Excel sheets, as the approval process was one of the main things in our minds when developing it. But there are a few extras coming your way in 2018 – read all about them here.


Hands up who doesn’t watch at least a video a day! No? Noone? That’s what we thought! Video is undoubtedly the key content format on social media at the moment. With Biteable you’re good to go in no time. Just pick and choose scenes, colors and texts and create an entertaining video. We wouldn’t argue with their claim “The world’s simplest video maker!” One more positive? It even has a free plan!


We get it, not everyone can be a graphic designer, nor is there one available at all times. That shouldn’t stop you from wanting to post visually appealing content though! That’s where Canva comes into play. Short tutorials, millions of images to choose from, many presets to make your life easier…No wonder this tool got so big. Millions of users swear by it and we definitely understand its’ appeal.


If you’re trying to improve your social media listening, try this tool. It analyses sources in 42 languages, so there’s your chance to keep track of your brand, find influencers or leads, or even go viral with your perfect example of customer service. It also helps you with management – you can assign tasks or share alerts. You can try all this for 14 days for free and then decide.


Let’s stay in the “social media listening” field for a little bit longer. Another tool that can help you with that is Mediatoolkit – track your brand or products, competition, stay on top of the sentiment of your brand, discover trends and react accordingly. Across huge amounts of platforms.

Got loads of events? Or recurring ones? Or just a Facebook Live Stream you want as many people to know about as possible? Why not make it easier for the followers to follow? Make them follow your calendar! Add events easily, collect information, connect with the audiences’ calendars, see the stats and share your calendar. And enjoy the results!


These are out picks. We certainly hope you give them a try – let us know what you think in the comments below!

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