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Ivan Hanák
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Use Kontentino to store Brand’s assets (.psd, .zip, .ai…)

Ever needed to include e.g. a Photoshop PSD files or a PDF document in your post as a an asset to be reused by your colleagues?

Surely you can do that!

Storing various assets in Kontentino

A place to do so is the Comments Section where you and your clients can upload and store any file or brand asset.

Why I can not upload a PSD “into the post”?

Only PNG, JPG or GIF can be used in your posts

When you are uploading pictures or videos into your posts, those files are published directly to Facebook or Twitter or any other social media network… and, as you might already know, you can not use such formats when publishing posts 🙂 .

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Ivan Hanák

Ivan Hanák

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