Zoomsphere vs. Kontentino:
feature comparison




Supported social media platforms
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
User interface
Easy to navigate, modern calendar
Not intuitive, takes longer to set up
Main focus
Collaboration and approval
Scheduling and monitoring
Supporting nearly all post formats: including LinkedIn video, Facebook 360° photos and carousels
Kontentino enable social feature
Zoomsphere does not offer
Instagram direct, reels and slideshows scheduling
Kontentino enable this feature(single image and single video posts)
Kontentino and Zoomsphere enable this feature(single image and single video posts)
Kontentino enable social feature
Zoomsphere does not offer
Live-post Preview
Kontentino enable social feature
Kontentino enable social feature
Task assignment
Kontentino enable social feature
in a separate module
(need to pay extra)
Mobile app
Kontentino enable social feature(tailored specifically to make internal and client's approval easy and smooth)
Kontentino enable social feature
Workflow (kanban view)
Kontentino enable social feature
in a separate module
(need to pay extra)
Helping more than 6000 agencies and brands

Helping more than 6000 agencies and brands

More than 900 thousands posts created yearly

More than 900 000 posts created yearly

Saving more than 12 milions ineffectively spent minutes yearly

Saving more than 12 000 000 ineffectively spent minutes yearly

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Easy from the onboarding to everyday use

Kontentino is a Zoomsphere competitor welcomed by everyone involved in the content creation and approval process – creative teams, agencies, and brands. Even though it is a complex tool, working with Kontentino is simple and intuitive.

Instagram scheduler for IG Stories

Customized planning and scheduling with a user-friendly calendar

Looking for a Zoomsphere alternative allowing you to create profile groups, manage bulk scheduling, or set up audience restrictions? With Kontentino you have all these functions at hand, plus you can note your cool ideas in the Inspiration calendar.


Nice, easy, and clear approval process? No problem.

With Kontentino, you do not need to buy new and new tools to manage your approval process. As aZoomsphere competitor, you have all you need from Day 1 – collaboration features, workflow management, and others.

Social media client approvals with Kontentino

Would you welcome world-class customer support?

If you are searching for a Zoomsphere alternative, surely you believe to get good customer support. Kontentino team is here for you, as well as a rich source of information from our blogs and tutorials.

Mobile Instagram scheduling app

Zoomsphere competitor with customizable reports

Some of Kontentino's features are similar to Zoomsphere. However, when it comes to reports, Kontentino allows you to customize them. Like this, you can create easy-to-understand reports focusing on what is important for your client.


Zoomsphere vs. Kontentino: Choose Kontentino and enjoy

🤓 Clear cooperation and communication between teams

☝️ Easy approval process – from suggested ideas to scheduling

🌈 The majority of social media formats

📆 Content scheduling and approval is fast because it is simple

💙 Cool price, warm support

collaborate within agency

Kontentino is always with you, so none of your good ideas run away

One of the advantages of this Zoomsphere competitor is a cool app, with which you become more mobile and flexible. So if you need to note, comment, or edit some piece of content, just do it quickly from the palm of your hand.


Zoomsphere vs. Kontentino: money, pricing, budget, value

Kontentino pricing plans are preferable when it comes to the Zoomsphere alternative. Adjust your plan, so you can build up what you really need and pay only for that.

IG Creator studio integration - team collaboration