Post's workflow statuses


See what statuses a post can go through during the creation and approval process.

  • Draft is an unfinished post you are still working on and it's visible only to you.
  • Assigned to are the posts that have been assigned to one of your team members (manager, designer or translator) to do some work on the post. Once their work is done, the status of the post is changed to Done.
  • Done means one of your team members have done their part of the job which was assigned to them. If you are satisfied with it, you change the status to completed. If you need any more work on the post, assign the post again for additional work.
  • Completed posts are posts ready to be either published on your social media platform (in case you do not use the approval process) or are ready for internal or client approval. You can watch the tutorial on the approval process for more detail.
  • Waiting for client approval and waiting for internal approval are pretty self-explanatory. Status of posts changes automatically to waiting for approval after selecting and sending posts for approval.
  • Internally approved means your supervisor or colleague approved the post you sent them for approval. Approved status means the post was approved by your client.
  • Rework is a status of a post which goes to after it was not approved and left commented for rework by you client or internal supervisor.
  • Scheduled posts are posts that have already been exported to a social media platform (e.g. Facebook, Instagram…) and are waiting for their time to shine.
  • Posted means that the post is already published on the social media platform and is publicly visible.

It is important to note that once a post is scheduled or posted on Facebook, you are able to edit it only and directly on Facebook, not with Kontentino.

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