How to edit settings in Kontentino


In this section you can set up attributes to your channels, manage users and edit some general settings. In 'channels' you see a list of content plans for every page. You can export the whole content as text, pdf or download all images.

  • You can also clone a content plan which means, that all posts from this content plan will be copied to another account - for example from one Facebook to another Twitter account.
  • You can manage post checklists of attributes that a post has to meet before it is published.
  • You can also create your own labels and give them pretty colors.
  • Turn email notifications on and off. However, we are developing a more sophisticated notification system, so get excited.
  • You can manage users that have access to this page.
  • And add image templates to add logos or borders to your posts easily.

In user's settings, you manage users for all pages and you can edit your own profile.

In general settings, you are able to pay or edit your subscription plan.

  • Choose default inspirations based on your region.
  • Create post checklists for all pages at once.
  • And rewrite the body of your email which is being sent to clients and colleagues when asking for post approvals.

And that's how easy it is to edit your Kontentino settings.

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