How to link social media pages and create content plans


In this tutorial, you learn how to connect your social media channels with Kontentino and get more insights about structuring content into content plans.

To connect a new social media channel open the list of channels and click “Add a new channel”. Select the social media platform you want to connect with. You will get a list of all pages you have access to. Select the one you want to connect with Kontentino and you’re all set. 

Now you are ready to create your first content plan.

Content plans are periods in which you plan and get your social media content approved. Most often it is a month, but you can choose whatever period you need. It really depends on how often and for how long you plan your social media content.

Let's name the content plan and choose the given date frame. After clicking “Add” you see a list of all content plans for this Facebook page. Clicking on the content plan brings you to the planning calendar and you are ready to create your first post.

Please watch our next tutorial to get more tips and tricks on creating posts.

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