Sending content for internal approval 

Create and plan social media content with your team. When everything is ready, you can send it for internal approval to your boss. They can review the content in Kontentino mobile app or in the desktop application. Any feedback can be written in the comment section directly next to the post. They can approve or send the post for rework in one click.

send live preview to your client

Saving time

Save time by having everything organized in a modern and clean calendar. No more spreadsheets, confusing email threads or WhatsApp approvals. Everything you need is in Kontentino.

facebook posts scheduling and approvals

Everything in one place

All your drafts, planned posts, feedback and all the assets that you are going to need are stored in one place. Store everything in Media Library - a place where your team members can upload images and videos that you will need for your campaigns.

send for aproval


Collaborate on content creation with your colleagues. Assign tasks to team members. Always know what the status of a particular post is and who made changes.

Collaborate with team

Easy social media planning

Plan your social media content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest in an easy-to-navigate calendar. Label your posts according to campaign or client. Mark boost budgets and preview what your content will look like when published.

manage and analyse

Client approval

Easily send even multiple posts for client's approval. Discuss any adjustments in the comments section. 


Working on the go

Kontentino mobile app lets you create, edit, remove and schedule content on the go.

LinkedIn management with feedback

Customizable reports

Analyze your posts' performance with Analytics and Reports and put your data in context. Create customizable reports for your clients that you can easily download in PDF or CSV format. 


About Word of MICE

Word of MICE creates long term relationships with industry experts to share the story and experiences of companies related with the meetings and events industry. We help you to remain top of mind and to maintain your relationships with your target audience online and offline. We support hotels, convention bureaus, technology suppliers and others to find the right passionate and trustworthy influencer to spread the word about your company. These are long term strategic tailored collaborations in which we work closely together with all parties involved. We always look for unique industry-related opportunities and beyond for you; this can be a social media campaign, creating in-depth panel discussions, partnering up with an industry-related trade show, Instagram live interview, and much much more.

Word of MICE helps you along the entire process, from finding the right influencer, align the work of the influencer with your strategy until after the final report is presented. 

Especially now, in a fast ever-changing landscape it’s important to be visible and to remain in touch with your audience in an appropriate way.

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"Using Kontentino for our influencer marketing campaigns saves us, and the clients a lot of time. And besides, it’s easy to use."

Mariska Kesteloo, founder Word of MICE

Mariska Kesteloo, founder Word of MICE