Social media
management tool
for remote
marketing teams

to make collaboration and approval easier

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Trusted by world's leading agencies and brands

Collaborate and send posts for approval

Create posts and discuss them with your colleagues, even when all of you are working remotely. Send posts for client's or internal approval This way you can be sure that you will schedule only approved posts.

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Social media creativity

Have more time for creative tasks

Using the right social media tools will help you to spend more time working on creative tasks. Kontentino saves you 7 hours per week on admin tasks.

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Use the best social media tools

for teams working remotely

Mobile social media collaboration

Work from anywhere

Approve posts and give feedback via our mobile app. Save all your company assets in Kontentino so you can create content from any computer. Use social media tools that will make remote working easier.

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All you need in one tool

When choosing a social media management tool for remote working, you need to be sure it ticks all the boxes.


Feedback and approval
via our mobile app

All assets in one place

Kontentino is one of the best social media management tools for agencies. It makes it really convenient to work with the whole team - wherever your team members might be based.

Impress clients with easy-to-understand reports

Collaborate, approve, schedule and analyse your performance afterwards. Create comprehensive reports for your clients in Kontentino, one of the best social media tools for remote working.

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Try Kontentino

one of the best social media management tools for easy collaboration and approval

SMM team collaboration

When choosing social media management 
software for remote working,
you need to be sure it ticks all the boxes.

Healthy agency-client relationships

Kontentino was designed for seamless
collaboration. Assign tasks and communicate 
easily with your team members!

Mobile app feedback on social content

Get and give feedback on the go via our
mobile app.

Try Kontentino and gain

Facebook collaboration and approvals
Kontentino collaboration

Collaboration and approval process

to make social media a piece of cake

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Kontentino social media collaboration on the go
Kontentino collaboration

Mobile app to approve
posts and give feedback 
wherever you are

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Kontentino social media collabodation process - tags
Kontentino collaboration

Tag people and send files
in the comment section

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Kontentino inspirations social media calendar
Kontentino collaboration

Inspirations calendar

to mark any campaign launches, anniversaries, ideas

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Social media assets cloud
Kontentino collaboration

All your assets
stored in one place

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