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The easiest way to manage social media channels

Before it was chaos
with a lot of missunderstandings

With Kontentino is the social media
management transparent and clean

Intuitive planning in our content calendar

Have all your social media posts in one place and perfectly organized. Our intuitive calendar helps you have an overview of all your social media content across all social media platforms. Reschedule or duplicate posts with drag’n’drop feature and have...

Easy and flexible approval workflow

No more long email threads and lost attachments, Excel spreadsheets or Google Docs. Let your clients approve or comment on your work right next to the post-proposal...

Easy approvals designed for clients

We truly understand the value of every client’s time. Therefore, we have created the most intuitive and convenient client interface for quick content approval. Clients comment or approve posts in Kontentino’s calendar with just one click. They are...

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2052 channels managed
73 176 Number of posts created this year

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