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Social media management tool to make collaboration and approval easier.

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With Kontentino social media management is transparent and clean


It was chaos with a lot of misunderstandings

Managing social media content before Kontentino
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With Kontentino

Social media management is transparent and clean

Transparent and easy social media management with Kontentino

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Social media management tool that will make your life easier

Clean drag & drop
social media content calendar

Have all your social media content perfectly organized and scheduled in the most human-friendly social media calendar app. Duplicate posts or ads across all social media platforms easily with Drag & Drop feature, plan budget or filter posts by content topic labels.

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Seamless team collaboration
and social media content approval

  • Team task assignment

    Assign a task to your graphic designer, copywriter, or any other team member and work together in one intuitive social media management tool tailored for collaboration.

  • Internal approval

    Send social media content for approval to supervisors, art directors or any other gatekeeper in your team.

  • Client approval

    Send social media posts for approval to your clients and build agency-client relationship based on trust.

  • Publish

    Schedule and publish posts in almost all the formats available. Facebook or LinkedIn videos, carousels or even custom Facebook link previews.

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Intuitive client approvals

Provide your clients with an intuitive solution for social media content approval. Your clients can give feedback and approve all social media post formats you create and plan for them. They can do it easily from the mobile or the desktop app.

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Insights & Reporting

Analytics and reporting are crucial parts of a social media management tool. See your benchmarks, KPIs and understand social media data in context. Moreover, create coherent social media reports easily with one click.

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Over 4000 companies around the globe use Kontentino for planning, collaboration and social media content approvals.

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James Aris talks about managing social media with Kontentino Kontentino video play icon

Watch James Aris explain why SABMiller chose Kontentino as their social media management tool.

James Aris

Digital marketing & comunications manager
Pixel Federation video - social media content generation Kontentino video play icon

Natália Švecová and Lenka Skalaková will tell you what Pixel Federation thinks of managing social media with Kontentino.

Natália Švecová, Lenka Skalaková

Social Media Specialists
Patrik Babinec video - using Kontentino to manage social media Kontentino video play icon

Watch Patrik Babinec explain how Kontentino helped a successful startup BeWooden manage international Facebook pages.

Patrik Babinec

Chief Marketing Officer

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Finally - an intuitive social media approval tool,
a simple way to approve a month-worth of Facebook content.
Kontentino helps you manage social media with ease and send
everything for clients' approval in a couple of clicks.
Social media workflow made easy with Kontentino!

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