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Kontentino – the social media platform for your success.

Multiple clients or projects can present a challenge, but Kontentino will help you overcome it.

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Gain control of your work.

We have the tools to find your way through the chaos of social media.

One dedicated place.

With Kontentino, there is no need to jump back and forth between various apps. You can do everything in just one place.

One dedicated place

Auto-publishing at your service.

Time, date, go! Simply choose when to publish and we will take care of the rest.

Auto-publishing at your service

Covering the biggest networks.

We cover all the major networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter/X, Google Business Profile and Pinterest.

Covering the biggest networks

Store your assets.

Our unlimited storage allows you to upload your media assets directly to Kontentino and access them whenever you need.

Store your assets
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Great features for even
greater results.

Reach new heights and elevate your work with Kontentino.

Preview your posts.

Kontentino allows you to see the live shape of your posts while you're creating them, so nothing can unexpectedly surprise you once they're published.

Preview your posts

Kontentino with you, always.

Don't be afraid to hit the road, as our mobile app can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Kontentino with you, always

Approve the finest.

Let your client have the final word – request their approval, receive feedback and publish once they're pleased.

Approve the finest
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Don't jump to conclusions,
check the numbers first.

View all the important work-related data and make decisions based on facts, not feelings.

Track post performance and metrics.
Track post performance and metrics.

Track post performance and metrics.

Spot the best-performing posts right off the bat, select specific metrics, compare the numbers to your benchmarks, or further explore our Analytics for more stats regarding your posts.

Shine a new light upon your pages.
Shine a new light upon your pages.

Shine a new light upon your pages.

Graphs might be scary, but fear not – ours are truly user-friendly and offer you comparisons of your pages against their historical data in order to get a fresh new perspective.

Become a spy to get the upper hand.
Become a spy to get the upper hand.

Become a spy to get the upper hand.

Follower counts, posting patterns, engagement metrics – get sneaky and discover more about your competitors by spying on them via our thorough Analytics.

Track post performance and metrics.Shine a new light upon your pages.Become a spy to get the upper hand.
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Work smarter, not harder.

These additional features will make your social media work even easier and more efficient.

Time Savers

Time Savers

Part ways with repetition and mundane tasks – duplicate posts, request approvals, assign tasks, and achieve more.

AI Content Generator

AI Content Generator

Generate texts or images, enhance your copies, or check the grammar – our unique AI will do the work for you.

First Comment

First Comment

If you feel like it, you can publish a first comment alongside your post – easily, quickly and all at once.

Post Ideas

Post Ideas

Don't let your thoughts slip away – write the concepts down and elaborate on them later.



Put labels on your posts to easily sort them out and get a transparent overview of your content.

Link Manager

Link Manager

Shorten or customize links, build UTM tags, and keep the important addresses stored in one place for perfect link management.

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Reviews so nice, you'll
think they’re fake.

But they are real. We promise.

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Numbers don't lie.


less time spent on repetitive tasks

Our survey shows that Kontentino users save an average of 41% more time compared to those not using any social media tools.


saved monthly per user

On average, our users save over 20 hours per month thanks to our streamlined workflow processes.


average monthly savings

In an agency with a €500 daily rate and 3 social media specialists, our Standard plan saves approximately €4,200 monthly.

Kontentino social management tool

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