Kontentino social management tool

Bulk scheduling for
efficient social
media management.

Save time with mass posting and create top-quality content for months ahead.

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The why and wow of bulk
scheduling and posting.

Unleash efficiency with mass posting.

Save time. Be efficient.

Dedicate a block of time to creating a large amount of content at once, freeing you up for an entire quarter or month. Mass-schedule it, and we handle the rest.

Save time. Be efficient

Plan for consistency.

Plan content ahead in our Calendar for a bird-eye-view of your social media strategy. Achieve posting consistency and reduce the stress of last-minute post creations.

Plan for consistency

Auto-publishing brilliance.

After preparing your content calendar, mass-schedule posts with a few clicks. Kontentino will make sure the right content will get posted in the right place at the right time.

Auto-publishing brilliance

All content in one place.

View and manage all social media posts in one interface – filter, categorize, and create profile groups. Plus, enjoy unlimited media storage to have all your content in one hub.

All content in one place
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More bulk actions for less

Discover additional bulk action features: more power, less hassle!

Duplicate and move in bulk.

Duplicate or move multiple posts at once across different social media profiles and content calendars.

Duplicate and move in bulk

Request approval.

Multiple posts waiting to be approved? Send them all for approval with one simple action.

Request approval

Assign multiple tasks.

Easily highlight posts that require attention and delegate tasks to the right person.

Assign multiple tasks
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Bulk schedule to all your social media.

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Numbers don't lie.


less time spent on repetitive tasks

Our survey shows that Kontentino users save an average of 41% more time compared to those not using any social media tools.


saved monthly per user

On average, our users save over 20 hours per month thanks to our streamlined workflow processes.


average monthly savings

In an agency with a €500 daily rate and 3 social media specialists, our Standard plan saves approximately €4,200 monthly.

Kontentino social management tool

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