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General info

What is Kontentino?caret

Kontentino is an intuitive social media tool for effective management of social media accounts. It streamlines the post creation workflow within the marketing team and it simplifies the content approval process on the agency and client’s side.

If you are freelancer, agency or brand planning high-quality social media content ahead, you are at the right spot. Get a quick overview of Kontentino in this short tutorial.

At first, Kontentino has been developed as an internal tool in one of the leading European ad agency specializing in social media. Consequently, it was decided to offer this tool to other social media managers around the world. Now, Kontentino has its own team made of social media experts.

How do I log in?caret

Each new user creates their own specific URL company.kontentino.com. Type it into your browser or go

to kontentino.com and log in with the button in the top right corner.

What is a social media account/profile?caret

Social media account is understood as one Facebook business page, Instagram profile, Twitter account, LinkedIn, or Pinterest page. Example: If you manage 2 Facebook business pages and 1 Instagram profile it is counted as 3 social media accounts.

Do you guarantee after-sale customer support?caret

Absolutely, we are delighted to assist you with any problems or challenges you may encounter. Our world-class customer support has earned 5-star ratings. Our dedicated team is available to guide you from the start of your journey, whether through a personalized demo, consultation, or regular care calls.

Is it possible to see the tool before I register?caret

Yes, of course. Our team is more than happy to jump on a call with you for a personalized demo of Kontentino. You can book the call here.

Do you have any shareable materials about Kontentino for clients?caret

Certainly! Here's a link to presentation that demonstrates why Kontentino is the go-to choice for collaboration with your clients. And here is a quick video tutorial for clients, explaining all the main features.


What social media channels (accounts) can I manage in Kontentino?caret

At this moment, you are able to manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile.

Can I schedule Instagram posts directly from Kontentino?caret

Yes, you can. Kontentino supports direct scheduling of single image posts, Reels, Carousels, and Stories.Learn more here.

What Facebook formats does Kontentino support?caret

We support text-only, video, image post formats, Carousels, Gallery and Link posts. You also have the option to create and publish first comment alongside the post, add mentions, UTM tags, restrict audience, and more.

Are there any guides we can use?caret

Definitely! We created a set of tutorials that will guide you through the whole onboarding process. Watching these will show you the best practices and save you plenty of time.You can find themhere.

Can I reschedule, move, copy, or duplicate posts to other social media accounts?caret

Absolutely! You can reschedule, copy or move any of the posts by using the Time Savers feature or a drag & drop function.

Can I edit my posts after being exported and scheduled for social media platforms?caret

With all social media networks except for Facebook, you can make changes in Kontentino until the time of publishing, since they do not have a scheduling system and all posts are being scheduled by Kontentino. Learn more about editing scheduled posts here.

Can I create content without scheduling it?caret

Yes, you can plan posts in advance with different statuses (Draft, Private Draft, Waiting for approval, etc.). You can also store ideas in the Post Ideas section or add them as Inspiration to your Calendar.

Can I see multiple channels in one calendar at once?caret

If you dread having multiple tabs or windows open, just to see the calendars for multiple channels, don't worry, we got you :) You can either create Profile Groups to organize and see the profiles in one calendar, or simply select multiple profiles in the profile selector.


What user roles are in Kontenitno?caret

  1. Admin is able to see and manage all social media accounts in Kontentino.
  2. Manager manages only the social media accounts which have been assigned to them.
  3. Client is able to comment, approve or reject posts which have been sent him or her for approval by the manager.
  4. Designer is able to edit visuals in the posts.
  5. Translator is able to edit and translate copy of the post.
  6. Media agency is able to see and download the social media content.

Can I share created content among several team members for additional review and editing?caret

YES! One of our main goals is to make your collaboration and approval process seamless to save you valuable time and erase misunderstandings. You can assign tasks to your team members and see the progress of their work. If there is someone reviewing and approving content just send it to them for approval. With Kontentino, you have centralized control over the entire work progress in one place.

How many users can collaborate on one particular social media account?caret

There's no limit but It depends on your selected subscription plan. If you have more than 30 users, contact our support for tailored pricing with several discounts.

Why does a client role have limited access/competencies?caret

Kontentino has the most client-friendly interface providing clients with only the information they need to have access to. We see the client as a gatekeeper who makes sure that every piece of content meets the quality standards of their brand.

Therefore the client is able to see live post previews, comment on them, approve them or send them for rework.

Additionally, they are able to add content ideas to the inspiration calendar (brand anniversary, product launch etc.) and upload images into albums.


How do I get billed for Kontentino?caret

Your billing plan depends on the number of added features and number of users.

You are able to choose from a one-month recurring subscription or a one-year subscription.

You can pay by credit card, PayPal or SEPA bank transfer (if you're paying for a yearly subscription).

How can I change my billing plan?caret

Any changes (like changing your credit card or changing your subscription plan) can be done in the billing dashboard. If you have any questions regarding changes in the number of users or features, please shoot a message to our customer support.

Can I cancel my billing plan anytime?caret

Yes. To close your account, start by clicking the 'Close account' button in Personal Settings. Afterwards, please contact our customer support team via the live chat bubble or at cancelations@kontentino.com to complete the process.

My subscription has expired, can I renew it?caret

Yes, you can recover it by buying a plan. Your data will be stored for 1 year after the subscription expired.

Do you offer a discount for non-profits? caret

Yes, we do.

NGOs have Kontentino for a 50% discounted price.

Does the client count as user?caret

Yes, every role counts towards your final user count. However, the client doesn't need to go through the registration process, they only need an invitation.

Tax calculationcaret

The tax is calculated based on the type of business you perform (an individual or a company) as well as the country you specify within the billing address.

If you are a company, and:

  • you are located in the European Union and you have provided a valid VAT (enterprise) number – no tax is applied.
  • you are located outside the European Union and you have provided a Business ID – no tax is applied.
  • you are located in Slovakia – the tax 20% is applied.

If you are an individual, and:

  • you are located in the European Union – the tax of the country you are located in is applied.
  • you are located outside the European Union – the tax of Slovakia (Kontentino HQ) is applied.

Refund policycaret

Your subscription is billed monthly or annually in advance based on your selected plan. Please note that all payments are non-refundable.

We do not offer refunds, either partial or full, for pre-paid subscription fees. This applies if you choose to terminate your subscription early, downgrade, or discontinue use of our services.


How does the 14-day trial work?caret

After you sign up for your trial, you get access to all the features in Kontentino for 14 days. You don't have to pay anything or enter your credit card information. If you haven't had enough time to explore Kontentino, drop us a line in our chat or at hello@kontentino.com.

What happens at the end of my trial?caret

You simply enter your billing information and continue to use the service. But when you don't purchase a plan, then your account will expire and you won't be able to access your social media calendar anymore. In order to access your account, renew your subscription plan or contact our support.

Data & privacy

Where is my data stored?caret

Your data is stored in EU, Frankfurt. For enterprise businesses, we are open to the option of customizing the region of data storage.

Are you GDPR compliant?caret

Yes, we have been GDPR compliant since May 25th, 2018, as we are based in the EU.

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