Kontentino social management tool

Be cool and use our social media approval tool.

Make sure your posts are always top-notch by using the best social media approval software.

Flawless social media

Make your clients happy and publish only what's been approved.

Send for approval.

Got a post ready? Double-check with your clients or managers and let them give you their blessing. Easy peasy when you have all the approval features in one place.

Send for approval


The language of Kontentino is simple – green means good-to-go, and red stands for rework.


Leave a note.

You don't have to communicate with buttons only. Leave a note with your opinion or suggestion.

Leave a note

Approve on the go.

That's no surprise. Kontentino is in the 21st century and so is our social media approval tool.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Of course we do have one. Be mobile and stay social media ready at all times.

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We will send you a notification once you receive a request for approval.

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One-man show is overrated. Social media is about people, so is collaboration in Kontentino. Communicate with others in the given post right next to its live preview, assign tasks, tag people, and leave useful notes – our features are at your disposal.

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Numbers don't lie.


less time spent on repetitive tasks

Our survey shows that Kontentino users save an average of 41% more time compared to those not using any social media tools.


saved monthly per user

On average, our users save over 20 hours per month thanks to our streamlined workflow processes.


average monthly savings

In an agency with a €500 daily rate and 3 social media specialists, our Standard plan saves approximately €4,200 monthly.

Kontentino social management tool

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