How to review posts by clients

Post Approval

If you have the client role in Kontentino, we adjusted Kontentino to be as comfortable as possible to comment, approve or reject posts.

When you get an email notification, just click on the link and you see a calendar with the posts waiting for your approval and posts you have approved or rejected before.

How to approve or reject a post?

  1. Click on the post with a status Waiting for client approval
  2. Add a comment for your social media manager and click Reject or Approve
  3. Your social media manager receives a notifications informing them about the rejection or approval of the post :-) 

You can also add an inspiration to the calendar, such as brand anniversary, campaign start or product launch to notify your agency to create posts for that particular topic.

Last but not least, you are able to upload images for social media managers to work with. This way you have all your visual resources in one place.

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