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Pictures, links, videos, texts – we'll handle your Threads, because they're no threats to us.

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Despite Threads being a rather new social media platform, we treat it like it's an old friend of ours (professionally, with love and passion).



Write about whatever you want, we don't care. Our job is to publish it, and that's exactly what we'll do.

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Getting Instagram flashbacks? Because we do. But yes, we'll also publish your photos to Threads.

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Hmm…this reminds us of Instagram yet again…there might be a pattern. However, feel free to schedule your videos as well.

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Finally something new! You can also create link posts on Threads, which is something you can't do on Instagram.

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A little bit of Kontentino in
your life, a little bit of
features by your side.

You know the song, right? A little bit of this and a little bit of that, and all of a sudden you have a full package of great features to help you streamline your social media content management.

Live Post Preview

Preview your thread so it poses no dread. This feature previews your content before it's published to the whole world, allowing no room for mistakes.

Preview your posts first

Choose your PoV.

We have three points of view you can choose from – Calendar, List, and Board. Each has its own advantages, so try them out and pick your favorite.

Choose your PoV

AI Content Generator

KAI, as we call it, is our special AI companion, who is ready to befriend you as well. It can generate texts, images, hashtags, enhance copies, check your grammar and more!

AI Content Generator
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Raise your productivity even

Why bother yourself when you have Kontentino? Our features will raise your productivity bars even higher.

Manage your links

You know you can create link posts to Threads, right? So, how about keeping your link well-organized, shortened, stored, or customized?

Link Manager

Time Savers

Based on the feature's name, try to guess its main benefit! It allows you to duplicate and move posts, assign tasks, schedule multiple posts, and perform many other useful actions.

Time Savers


A great feature to help you sort out all your content based on whatever you want. Put labels on your posts for better navigation and a clearer overview.

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Numbers don't lie.


less time spent on repetitive tasks

Our survey shows that Kontentino users save an average of 41% more time compared to those not using any social media tools.


saved monthly per user

On average, our users save over 20 hours per month thanks to our streamlined workflow processes.


average monthly savings

In an agency with a €500 daily rate and 3 social media specialists, our Standard plan saves approximately €4,200 monthly.

Our mutual success.

Case study

How BBDO Belgium Uses Kontentino to Manage World-class Brands.

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One place for all your social media.

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Kontentino social management tool

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