Buffer vs. Kontentino: Which tool is better for you?

If you are looking for a social media management tool, you probably read some reviews or do your own test trial to find out what really fits you.

Kontentino is aiming for specific users and we want you to show you whether or not is Kontentino the right tool for you. How can people decide without experiencing all those alternatives? This blog will save your time so you don’t need to test both of these tools.

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You probably know Buffer, one of the most popular social media tools. However, deeper in the ocean of social media there is Kontentino as well. Both of them help marketers manage their social media content across multiple social media platforms. Each of them has its pros and cons and each of them has its own target users.

Before we begin with the comparison of these two tools, we need to keep in mind that Buffer has more than 6 years of development behind and therefore has implemented a wide array of features. Kontentino is on the market almost 3 years trying to be the most intuitive calendar for teams and their clients. Therefore, I will try to be the least biased as possible. In this blog I will focus on pros., cons. and all things necessary to make your own best judgment about Buffer and Kontentino.

The post creation process is a slightly different for both platforms.

In Buffer, you start by creating general posts (text, image) and you choose the social media sites afterward. In Kontentino you choose the social media site and post type first, and then you create the post’s copy and visuals for a particular page.

Using drag and drop function within calendar is intuitive and easy to do for both tools.

  • Collaboration and approval workflow: Kontentino offers you an option to involve multiple different people with different roles to work on your posts. You can set graphic designers to work only on the image or video. These different roles are part of a complex but intuitive collaboration and approval process. While some people work on posts, others (art directors, clients…) have to approve it or send it for a rework.
  • Colorful tags for content balance: You can create and add tags with different colors to keep control over your content topics and themes. This is a perfect way to have your posts topics under control.

kontentino tags

  • Post requirement checkboxes: Set up checkboxes to remember important rules or guidelines your posts should contain.
  • Inspirations: You can inspire yourself and team adding inspirations to the calendar. Let Kontentino remind you the brand anniversary, new product launch or international days.
  • Mobile notification app: Schedule Instagram post or get notifications about your planned content in the intuitive mobile app.
  • Live post preview: While reviewing a post, you can see exactly how it will look on a specific platform.
  • Supporting Facebook formats: Clear as it is. Kontentino supports all Facebook formats. You can schedule carousel videos or 360° photos if you want. This applies to all social media post types on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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  • Fast posting: Buffer takes just a few clicks to completely schedule your post. Schedule posts without a calendar in a chronological order is the main unique feature of Buffer. It is like stacking posts on each other.
  • Buffer button: Oh wait, installing a Buffer button to your browser makes your reposting even faster. Have you just got onto an interesting article you would like to share? Just click on buffer button and share the link with your social media audience.

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  • Suggested scheduling: If you don’t want to bother to analyze when your post should be published, you can let Buffer to set the time for you. This is a nice fancy feature, but if the organic reach on Facebook is dead is it really useful? We leave this up to you. It might work for other social media sites, though.
  • Automation tools: Wide spectrum of automation tools like IFTTT is supported by Buffer. For example, copy LinkedIn posts and add them to your Buffer or add your Instagram pictures to Buffer list automatically.
  • URL Shortening: Similarly to bit.ly links, posts in Buffer are shortened to buff.ly. It gives you reports on clicks and your content (link) performance.
  • Analytics: Buffer’s analytics is focusing on content performance. You can filter your posts and see best/worst performing posts based on engagement etc. in a clean layout.
  • App: Some say a desktop is dying. Having a mobile app is super convenient for users. Thumbs up for Buffer’s mobile app.

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This is an important part and carefully weighted criteria when it comes to making a final choice. You have a budget, you have needs. When you open pricing section for both tools you see different prices for different plans. Let’s make this clear. One of the main differences is the number of users that have access to the tool. Why is that? Kontentino’s intention is to grant access to clients of each company that is using it. For example, when you are an agency that takes care for social media accounts of many different clients, you can give access to review and approve particular scheduled posts. This is the reason why the number of users is set higher than Buffer’s.

Kontentino pricing
Kontentino pricing

Source: Buffer pricing

Both are winners for different users:)

Kontentino shines at managing workflow and involving more people into creative/planning/approving process. Post requirement checkboxes help to remember anything important while creating content. And if you lack creativity what content you should create, just use those lovely inspirations that Kontentino provides. This means if you are an agency or brand which needs to manage multiple people working daily on high-quality posts, social media tool like this one is exactly for you.

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On the other hand, Buffer shines with fancy features and compatibility with other tools. When you need to manage/duplicate posts for multiple pages/sites or you are a freelancer managing multiple clients on your own,  go for Buffer.

Kontentino is improving every day, and with its mobile app for clients and post-performance analytics, it is an aspiring tool for ad agencies and teams. Buffer with its 6 years has developed a great tool for its niche users and we must say that it is sometimes inspirational.

Buffer and Kontentino are listening to customer’s needs and that is important. We are glad that there is social media tool almost for everyone’s needs.

Have you chosen which tool is better for your needs? Let us know in the comment.


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