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F8: Is virtual reality going to replace real life?

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In the first blog, we bring you the hottest news from facebook conference F8. In this one, we talk about virtual reality and how Facebook is going to be part of that exciting tech future.

People are visiting Facebook mainly for fun and to stay connected with their friends. To keep it interesting, Facebook is upgrading their platform and this year they are announcing special AR simulations and 3D camera effects for real-time shots. Reality is going to be better, indeed 🙂


In this new tool, we can create new visuals to make photos or videos more attractive, funny and less boring.

With this tool, we will be able to create our own masks and adjust our own augmented reality. Just face the camera towards any area or object and simply join an AR game and have fun for hours. Let’s loose our fantasy on how to exploit this tool for marketing or other purposes.

The biggest growth in AR & VR is the possibility to get this data straight to developers. This way they can create their own VR without programming the whole technology. You would ask yourself why it is so big, as Snapchat is basically already doing this. Simple, Facebook moved it from one-sided application to a full ecosystem of applications and data.

Let me introduce you to the first virtual reality where you can meet real people! Imagine somebody close to you is living very far away from you. You will call each other and transfer to a place, where you can show each other the new photos of your baby and thanks to the camera you can move to your home and show your little one to your mom. Easily, comfortably, and quickly, you can communicate with your friends and family in the place you prefer – well that’s the main purpose of social media, isn’t it?

Analytics which will cover everything. That’s the vision. Doesn’t matter if it’s from the web, Facebook pages, bots or an offline space. We saw the first insights and thumbs up!

Over 100 000 bots and 2 million messages sent, confirm that developers and brands know how to use the potential of Messenger. And upgrades continue to improve communication with bots. Facebook wants to implement fake intelligence. Small groups can look forward to seeing funny answers and bigger companies will help “Miss assistance M.” This will actually be a very easy and quick solution to everyday problems and needs of customers.

The update will focus also on Messenger code, so not only developers can be happy but also analysts.

Oh yeah and I nearly forgot, what about Spotify and Apple Music in Messenger? That is not so far in the distant future. 🙂

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