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Social Media Artificial Intelligence

Social Media Artificial Intelligence

Andrej Miklosik
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Andrej Miklosik

Social media platforms are starting to incorporate machine learning in an effort to streamline user experiences and to better meet the needs of subscribers. Along with assisting in content marketing, social media artificial intelligence is coming to multiple platforms in a number of ways. We’ll touch on these ways, and we’ll also talk about the current state of social media artificial intelligence below. 

The Current State of Machine Learning in Marketing and Social Media 

In 2017, Facebook demonstrated their belief in social media artificial intelligence by purchasing Ozlo. This is a startup based on the practical application of artificial intelligence and claims to be a real world knowledge index. Facebook plans to integrate Ozlo with their Messenger app, to help answer user questions about movies, restaurants, and more. 

In 2018, Facebook went a step further, and purchased Bloomsbury AI. This program helped Facebook fight inappropriate content issues and concerns around fake news by enhancing the network’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) abilities. 

Other social media giants have followed suit. LinkedIn incorporated artificial intelligence to help members improve their profiles. AI assists users in fine-tuning their work experience by matching their experience to suggested employers, as well as helping recruiters find the employees that are the best fit for their job postings based on employment history. 

In 2016, Twitter also joined the social media artificial intelligence movement by purchasing Magic Pony Technology. Twitter uses the machine learning processes pioneered by Magic Pony to showcase the more relevant tweets on a users timeline, based on their Twitter history. The AI examines the tweets a user replied to or engaged with, as well as the language commonly used. AI is also used to crop images via face detection technology, and to create thumbnails from a larger image.

Social Media Artificial Intelligence

Social Media Artificial Intelligence Empowers Marketers 

Machine learning plays a big role in empowering marketers in all of their social media marketing strategies. Tools incorporating this concept can be invaluable if they are used correctly, and the most common ways of doing so include:

  • 24/7 Online Presence – Having a person or team online 24 hours a day to answer questions or engage with clients can be exhausting, not to mention a huge financial drain. Incorporating chatbots allows brands to manage their online presences, and it also lets you respond to customers around the clock. Machine learning lets chatbots tailor their responses so that they are almost like those of a human, and use a combination of machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to achieve this.
  • Audience Targeting Enhancement – When marketers use paid ad campaigns across social media platforms, finding the target audience is the core goal. Every activity your clients participate in gets stored online, and artificial intelligence can take this information and collate it, to turn it into invaluable audience insights. These insights include things like social media use, buying patterns, and user behavior. 

Social media artificial intelligence is here to stay, and it’s quickly becoming an invaluable asset to companies around the world. If you haven’t started working with it yet, it’s time to jump on the train and start exploring the options ML and AI offer for your content marketing and more broadly, your social media marketing!

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