Careers at Kontentino

Full-stack Developer, Full-time/Co-op


Kontentino is a social media tool (SaaS) started in TRIAD Advertising currently outgrowing into its own team. We are helping social media brand managers and digital managers around the world creating high quality content by making their job as streamline as possible.

Boooom, what a formal intro :) .

Our client base as well as new feature requests have grown to the extent, that we are looking for a mid level individual - a talented junior wanting to move on to a more senior role, who can help us on our mission; and we are just getting started.

What you need to know:

  • HTML - you would never use <div> or <span> instead of a <button>
  • CSS - you think writing classNames like “btn” or “title” is just not right
  • JS - you know “reinventing the wheel” is a bad practise, but you feel guilty loading useless 15KB of code on your webpage
  • PHP - you know there is a bazillion of languages, but you stick with php, since you like that :)
  • SQL - come on, you're backend guy (or gal?), you know the stuff

If you ask: “That’s it?”, we reply: ”Yes” :) .
We take for granted that phrases like git, svn, npm, gulp, webpack, laravel or 503 are not foreign to you, disregarding you learned them yesterday or stopped using 4 years ago.

What we need from you:

  • to be a creative one, sometimes not following the rules :)
  • to bring your own ideas improving Kontentino
  • you are irritated when a 1px-high whitespace is disturbing your layout and want to change that 5 minutes before going home

What you will get

  • become one of us, a team member in a promising social media software platform with clients all around the world
  • working and learning from experts in their field, for we are located in our alma mater: an advertising agency TRIAD Advertising
  • making a tool for various kinds of people and finding out, that just a silly task as a creating a tooltip box is just not easy :)
  • zero-chance of stereotype and to be stuck in one place
  • comfort, fun and frequent social gatherings (we can find opportunities every day - birthdays, holidays, Tuesdays...)

If you love making great websites with your great code (that may be not so great after a month), we want to meet you in person.
Let us know about yourself on
Do not forget mention your experience, include for instance LinkedIn or StackOverflow profile, whether you like beer and also: skiing, snowboarding or making snowmen?

Want to know more about us? :)
If you like to read, check out our blog, if you like photos take a look on us how we work or watch our videos to know better, what we do :) .