Engage and Analyze

Analyze and Report

Advanced and custom social media metrics

Social media performance benchmarks

Is the best performing post of the month performing above or below average in comparison to your Facebook page benchmark? We create a benchmark (average) from all your posts published within the last 6 months for each social media metric, to better understand if your post performance grows or declines.

All social media KPIs you need

Detailed social media insights: Order your posts from the best performing to the worst performing ones based on the metric you select. Choose from KPIs like organic reach, link clicks, engagement and other social media metrics.

Custom metrics

Do you manually calculate metrics which are not offered by Facebook? We have implemented many requested custom social media metrics such as engagement rate or percentage of the reached audience.

Watch your social media budget

Budget spend

Does one post perform better than the other because of its great design or because it was promoted with a bigger budget? Kontentino shows you the social media budget spent for each post so you get a better insight.


What was the goal of a post and how was it optimized? Gain these valuable social media insights in one click and see the Facebook objective next to each post.


Create fully customizable reports that you can present to your clients straight away. Choose what statistics to include and in which order. Add graphs and texts to make your reports easy to read. This way you can give your clients and managers exactly what they want to see. Your reports can be exported in PDF and CSV.

Engage – Community management,
directly from inside Kontentino

Now you can manage and reply to all messages,
feeds, and comments from a single inbox.

All accounts in one panel

Checking on several Instagram and Facebook clients’ profiles to “see if someone wrote to us“? Definitely not something you fancy! See all the accounts in one inbox without the need to switch between them.

Assign a conversation, provide the perfect reply

Communication on social media is not always easy. But why email desperate screenshots to your boss or the technical team? Just assign a conversation to who needs to see it and then provide the best reply there is.

Personal notes to special users

Is there someone extraordinary in your conversations or comments? Simply add a note to their name, so everyone on your team knows! Don't get caught by trolls, approach your big fans with great love.

Saved replies—way better than copy&paste

Trick the monkey business! Instead of going through a thread of comments, searching, and then copypasting the right one, just open a library with the most repeated answers. Send the one you need with one click.