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Plan, approve, schedule and monitor your Facebook and other social media with Kontentino – the most comprehensive tool for social media teams.

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So, why Kontentino?

Facebook's Creator Studio and other free schedulers are genuinely ok. But if you manage multiple profiles across different social media platforms, the process becomes quickly messy. Even more so if multiple people are involved.

Kontentino is not just a tool. It's a place where social media managers, designers, copywriters, editors, and clients work together seamlessly. On average, our users report increased work efficiency by 41% and fewer miscommunications.

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"I tried lots of different platforms and Kontentino’s interface is very intuitive to use and great for team collaboration. They are adding functionality and growing all the time."

Anna Barrington - Channel Digital UK

Team collaboration

Assign tasks to your team members

Create the perfect post together with designers, copywriters, editors, and translators in minutes. Work across remote teams has never been easier.

One-click approval

Get posts approved with a single click or comment

Make sure your content is on-brand and approved before publishing through a fast and straightforward process. All approvals are recorded in case of a dispute.


Treat your team to a user-friendly workflow

If there's one thing people get excited about right away, it's how easy to use Kontentino is. A robust set of features is smartly placed so that both pro and beginner users are productive from day 1.

Schedule Instagram posts with Creator Studio integration

Engage with fans and community

With Kontentino, you will keep track and respond to Facebook and Instagram comments, messages and reactions. If there are too many, you can assign specific comments to your team members.

What our users say

Customizable plans starting at 44€ for 3 users and a plethora of features

Advanced analytics
& reporting

Generating AI content

Manage messages
& comments

Live preview before

Bulk copy, edit &
approval of posts

Instagram direct

UTM tag builder
with link shortener

Drag & drop
planning calendar

Upgrade your social media marketing workflow

Our users report 41% average time savings compared to their standard workflow. Try it yourself!

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