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What is the Kontentino Social Media Calendar?

Kontentino is an intuitive social media tool for effective management of social media accounts. It streamlines the post creation workflow within the marketing team and it simplifies the content approval process on the agency and client’s side.

If you are freelancer, agency or brand planning high-quality social media content ahead, you are at the right spot. Get a quick overview of Kontentino in this short tutorial.

At first, Kontentino has been developed as an internal tool in one of the leading European ad agency specializing in social media. Consequently, it was decided to offer this tool to other social media managers around the world. Now, Kontentino has its own team made of social media experts.

What is a social media account?

Social media account is understood as one Facebook business page, Instagram profile, Twitter account, LinkedIn or Pinterest page. If you manage 2 Facebook business pages and 1 Instagram profile it is counted as 3 social media accounts.

What social media channels (accounts) can I manage in Kontentino?

At this moment, you are able to manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Can I schedule Instagram posts from Kontentino?

Yes, you can :) The only thing you need is to download the Instagram mobile app. Simply, create the Instagram posts, schedule them and when the scheduled time comes, you will receive a push notification to your smartphone. Tapping on the notification opens the live post preview in the app. Tap on 'Publish' and it will copy your post to the Instagram app. Read more about Instagram publishing here.

Which Facebook formats does Kontentino support?

All Facebook formats are supported in Kontentino including 360° photos and carousels.

Does Kontentino decrease organic reach?

There has been a lot of discussions if third party tools decrease organic reach. However, there is no evidence that third party tools do so. Kontentino uses certified API from each social media site.

How do I log in?

Each new user creates their own specific URL Type it into your browser or go to and log in with the button in the top right corner.

How do I adjust my timezone and language?

To adjust your language and timezone, go to “Settings”, click “Profiles” and then hover your mouse over one of the accounts until the option to edit appears. Click “Edit”, select the correct language and timezone and click “Save”.

Is there some guide we can use?

Definitely! We created a set of tutorials that will guide you through the whole onboarding process. Watching these will show you the best practices and save you plenty of time.

Can I reschedule, copy or move a post to another account?

Absolutely! You can reschedule, copy or move any of the posts by using the drag & drop function.

What user roles are in Kontentino?

There are 6 main roles

  1. Admin is able to see and manage all social media accounts in Kontentino.

  2. Manager manages only the social media accounts which have been assigned to him/her.

  3. Client is able to comment, approve or reject posts which have been sent him or her for approval by the manager.

  4. Designer is able to edit visuals in the posts.

  5. Translator is able to edit and translate copy of the post.

  6. Media agency is able to see and download the social media content.

Can I share created content among several team members for additional review and editing?

Kontentino makes collaboration in the team a piece of cake. Assign tasks to your team members and see the progress of their work. If there is someone reviewing and approving content just send it to them for approval. All of this is happening in Kontentino, so you have control over the work progress.

How many users can collaborate on one particular channel?

There's no limit but It depends on your selected subscription plan. If you have more than 30 users, contact our support for tailored pricing with several discounts.

Why does a client role have limited access/competencies

Kontentino has the most client-friendly interface providing clients with only the information they need to have access to. We see the client as a gatekeeper who makes sure that every piece of content meets the quality standards of their brand.

Therefore client is able to see live post previews, comment on them, approve them or send them for rework.

Additionally, they are able to add content ideas to the inspiration calendar (brand anniversary, product launch etc.) and upload images into albums.

How can I invite other members to Kontentino?

Just go to 'Settings' - 'Users', click on the plus sign and add another user with a specific role into your account. After sending them an email invitation they can easily create their own profile.

Why is it necessary to export a post after being completed?

Even after your post is created and you want to publish it, some changes still may need to be done eventually. Therefore we wanted to give the possibility to review your posts for the last time before actually posting them on the channel (account).

Can I edit my posts after being exported and scheduled for social media platforms?

With all social media networks EXCEPT FOR Facebook, you can make changes in Kontentino until the time of publishing, since they do not have a scheduling system and all posts are being scheduled by Kontentino.

For Facebook - once your Facebook post is scheduled it will be sent to the “Scheduled posts” section on Facebook. From this point, any changes made in Kontentino will not be reflected on Facebook. In these cases, we recommend you to delete this post from Facebook, make all the changes in Kontentino and then schedule it again. This way, you can make sure that the post you see in Kontentino and the post that will be published on Facebook look identical.

Can I create content without scheduling it?

Yes, you can. If you save it as a draft (seen only by you) or if you do not export the posts to the particular social media network. Moreover, you are able to write down ideas for the upcoming posts in the inspiration calendar.

How does the 30-day trial work?

After you sign up for your trial, you get access to all the features in Kontentino for 30 days. You don't have to pay anything or enter your credit card information. If you haven't had enough time to explore Kontentino, drop us a line in our chat or at

What happens at the end of my trial?

You can enter your billing information and continue to use the service. But if you don't purchase a plan, then your account will expire and you won't be able to access your social media calendar anymore. In order to access your account, renew your subscription plan or contact our support.

How do I get billed for Kontentino?

Your billing plan depends on the number of added channels and users.

You are able to choose from a one-month subscription or one-year (10% discount) subscription.

You can pay by credit card, PayPal or SEPA bank transfer.

How can I change my billing plan?

The billing plan changes automatically, depending on the number of channels (accounts) and users. All the additional changes, like changing your credit card can be done in the billing dashboard.

Do you guarantee after-sale customer support?

Definitely, we are glad to help you with any problems or challenges you might have in order to make your experience better.

Can I change or cancel my billing plan anytime?

Absolutely! Kontentino plans are month-to-month or yearly. You can change or cancel your plan anytime. If you choose to cancel your plan, we will not charge your credit card for the next period and your account will expire.

My subscription has expired, can I renew it?

Yes, you can recover it by buying a plan. Your data will be stored for 1 year after the subscription expired.

For how long is my content stored in Kontentino?

Your content is stored for the whole length of your subscription. After your subscription ends, we store your content for 1 year.

Do you offer a discount for non-profits?

Yes, we do:)

NGOs have Kontentino for a 50% discounted price. 

Tax calculation

The tax is calculated based on the type of business you perform (an individual or a company) as well as the country you specify within the billing address.

If you are an individual, and:

- you are located in the European Union - the tax of the country you are located in is applied

- you are located outside the European Union - the tax of Slovakia (Kontentino HQ) is applied

If you are a company, and:

- you are located in the European Union and you have provided a valid VAT (enterprise) number - no tax is applied

- you are located outside the European Union and you have provided a Business ID- no tax is applied

- you are located in Slovakia - the tax 20% is applied

Do you offer custom plans?

Yes, having any special needs in terms of the number of pages or users that are not in line with our pricing, we can offer you a custom plan based on your needs.

Just shoot us a message to learn more.

Does the client count as a user?

Yes, every role counts towards your final user count. However, the client doesn't need to go through the registration process, they only need an invitation.

How to see multiple channels in one calendar at once?

If you dread having multiple tabs or windows open, just to see the calendars for multiple channels, don't worry, we got you :)  Go to 'Calendar', open the drop-down menu and when choosing the profiles you want to see, just hold down CMD/Ctrl, or choose the 'Select multiple profiles' option. Now they're all in one easy-to-use calendar.

Where is Kontentino located?

We reside in both Bratislava, Slovakia and Prague, Czech Republic. 

Where is my data stored?

In data centers within USA, Canada and EU. For enterprise businesses, we are open to the option of customizing the region of data storage.

Do you provide Data Protection Addendum?

Yes, it is available for our customers to sign upon request.

Which social media networks are supported?

You can manage Business profiles for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. However, on LinkedIn you can also manage your personal profile.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, since we are based in the EU, since May 25th 2018, we are GDPR compliant.

Is Kontentino suitable for big enterprises?

Yes, it is. We have many features which make the collaboration between many input sides easier and more streamlined, e.g. global pages, translations etc.

Do my posts get automatically scheduled after being approved?

No, they do not. We want to give users the possibility to review posts for the last time before actually posting them on the channel (account).