Instagram scheduling is one click away

Kontentino helps you create, review and schedule your Instagram posts the easiest way.
Everything in 3 simple steps.

1. Create your Instagram post
You can plan images, videos, slideshows or even stories!
Let it get reviewed by your colleagues, clients or just schedule it right away.
2. Get notified
Relax and wait until you receive a push notification to your smartphone.
When you do, that's the moment when your Instagram post is ready to be published.
Just tap (android) or swipe (ios) the notification.
3. Share on Instagram
In Kontentino mobile application, tap PUBLISH NOW.
After a while, Instagram opens with your image or video and you continue, as you already know.
Crop the image, add filter, paste the text (tap-hold) and publish.
Now your Instagram post is ready for its time to shine 😉

Watch how to use our Instagram publisher: