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Live post preview for all social media post types

Are you still planning your posts in spreadsheets and hoping for your clients’ good imagination? Make it easier for them and you as well. View all posts exactly the way they would look posted on social media platforms, no matter if it's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Naturally, you can create all the latest post types such as carousels or 360 videos. We have them all.


Plan a Facebook Carousel

Carousel Facebook format has become a really popular one for social media managers, especially the video carousel. It enables new creative options and opens new opportunity to create a really unique, engaging and cut-through content. You are able to create and get your image or video carousel approved in Kontentino. 

Schedule 360° photos 

Another amazing Facebook format which drives a great engagement and opens new creative ways to build brand awareness about your product is the 360° photo format. This cool trending post format can be reviewed and scheduled in Kontentino. 


Instagram Carousel

Instagram's growing popularity gives Instagram's decision makers motivation to create more options for advertisers. So we keep an eye on any new Instagram post formats and implement them as soon as they are launched. It was the same with the Instagram carousel when we have implemented it on the day of the official launch. Create, review and schedule all Instagram formats in Kontentino. 

Schedule an Instagram story

There hasn't been such an epic format launch for a long time and it quickly become a real front-runner. Now you can schedule a story in Kontentino as well! Just schedule and export to Instagram and publish it with one tap. Read more on Instagram publishing here.


All LinkedIn post formats

We have received an exclusive LinkedIn API for more reliable post scheduling for all its' formats. With Kontentino you are able to create, review and plan ahead images, links, carousels, galleries or videos to LinkedIn. All these make Kontentino the only tool for all-around LinkedIn profile management. See everything that you can do here


Pinterest Campaigns

You have probably already read in our social media news blog that Pinterest is Launching new targeting options based on users' behavior. Well, so you better start to plan your Pinterest campaigns in Kontentino


Schedule to Twitter

Being in charge of a brand's Twitter account is quite challenging since it is the most dynamic social media channel. We know that you need to constantly tweet and engage. With Kontentino you can plan plenty of tweets ahead. 





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