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Data Engineer

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What will you do?

  • Take ownership of all our data, data flows, and data pipelines
  • Developing and maintaining the architecture and design patterns for data flows and pipelines
  • Building and maintaining automated data ELT pipelines for extraction, preparation, transformation, analytics, and insights generation
  • Developing and maintaining the “one source of truth” database by connecting data from multiple sources and 3rd party tools into THE ONE database, which serves as a backbone for internal BI/analytics tool 
  • Working closely with other departments to understand their data needs/problems and designing solutions to improve and solve it
  • Close cooperation with our Data analyst 
    • cleaning, preparing and optimizing datasets 
    • discussing and brainstorming data analytics solutions, etc.

Tech skills:

  • Advanced SQL knowledge - you understand relational databases and data warehousing (we use Google Big Query and Postgres databases)
  • Strong coding skills in Python, especially with data libraries like Pandas, Numpy, etc.
  • APIs knowledge - for the most part, knowing how to fetch data from APIs
  • Basic understanding of Docker and Docker Compose and experience with Linux terminal
  • Experience with Google Sheets, Google Data Studio (Google Looker Studio)
  • You are familiar with tools like Google Analytics, Heap, or other web analytics tools
  • Experience with data frameworks/tools Prefect, Airbyte, and DBT (Data Build Tool) is a plus, but not required

Example of task you might work on in Kontentino:

Our Customer success management (CSM) department uses 3rd party tools for their work and they want to see some statistics from this tool inside our internal BI/analytics tool.

  1. You’ll meet with CSM, and talk about their requirements and needs
  2. You’ll create a data pipeline connecting 3rd party tool and Google Big Query
  3. You’ll clean, transform and aggregate data into the format that the CSM department requires
  4. You or the data analyst will create a Google Data Studio dashboard from the final transformed data
  5. You will discuss the newly created dashboard with the CSM team if it fills their need
  6. You’ll deploy a new dashboard into our internal BI/analytics tool
  7. You’ll deploy and automate the process of updating, loading, and transforming new data from 3rd party tool into Google Big Query

What can we offer you? 

  • Family atmosphere
  • Peaceful office with a beautiful terrace and a huge garden
  • Great opportunity to learn within a fast-growing tech startup and the possibility to grow

*Salary starts at 2400 EUR and depends on previous experience*

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Reviews from employees:

“It’s much more than just the work we do. Kontentino is a project many people believe in and want to see grow, it’s a place where you learn and work with incredibly talented people.”

Jakub KrehelJakub Krehel

“I think the product is great. Also, our company culture - anyone can come forward with ideas for improvement (regarding the product or the company).”

Stano BaginStano Bagin