Kontentino is your ticket to
a stress-free social media management
and also a solid Hootsuite alternative




Supported social media platforms
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube
User interface
Easy to navigate, modern calendar
More complex, not intuitive, different dashboards for different functions
Main focus
Collaboration and approval
Scheduling and analytics
Advanced workflow management
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature
Hootsuite does not offer
Supporting nearly all post formats: including LinkedIn video, Facebook 360° photos and carousels
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature
Hootsuite does not offer
Direct Instagram scheduling
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature(single image and single video posts)
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature(single image and single video posts)
Multichannel posting
Hootsuite does not offer
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature
Community management
Kontentino and Hootsuite featureAdd-on
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature
Post checklist
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature
Hootsuite does not offer
Live-post preview
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature
Task management
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature
Report export formats
Mobile app
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature
Customer support response time
under 10 mins
Kontentino and Hootsuite feature
Hootsuite does not offer
Pricing: Cost per user

/ month

/ month

and approval
for marketing teams.

The majority of social media formats supported!

Unlike Hootsuite which supports team collaboration in their premium subscription tiers, Kontentino supports team collaboration from day 1. Kontentino was born in an advertising agency and social media planning workflow is in our DNA.

Social media marketing collaboration

Social media
management will
be a piece of cake

As a solid Hootsuite competitor, Kontentino enables you to create, plan and schedule your social media content. Create posts for social media together with your team. Assign tasks, tag your colleagues in the comments, share files and communicate everything directly in Kontentino.

Effective collaboration with Kontentino LinkedIn management tool

Having a well-designed collaboration and approval workflow will minimize mistakes and misunderstandings. You will have more time for creative marketing tasks that make you happy.

kontentino scheduler

Easy-to-use social media calendar for marketing teams.

Streamline your workflow!

What Kontentino does better than Hootsuite is that you are able to collaborate, send for approval and streamline your team's workflow, starting in the smallest subscription plans. Being able to work with your team is what social media management tools were created for.

kontentino social media tool

All important post formats supported

There is a lot of social media management tools that offer products similar to Hootsuite. As an alternative to Hootsuite, Kontentino offers its users the ultimate LinkedIn planner. We are one of the few management tools that offer LinkedIn scheduling in its entirety.

Kontentino offers 
most Hootsuite features

that users want when looking for social media management tools.

Don't underestimate this blue Hootsuite competitor

Take a look at what it has to offer

As a solid Hootsuite competitor, Kontentino also offers the possibility to analyze your content performance. Our Insights & Reporting module won't replace full-blown analytics tools but it is a solid alternative to what Hootsuite and other social media management tools offer.

hootsuite competitor

Try the most human-friendly social media management tool

Boost your marketing team's productivity

Apps like Hootsuite tend to focus on scheduling and automation. In Kontentino, we put an emphasis on team collaboration from the beginning. We believe that even small teams should have this option - which is often missing in Hootsuite and similar platforms or apps.

kontentino human friendly alternative to hootsuite

Are the Hootsuite costs too much for you?

Hootsuite features might blow you away - but do you really need all of them? Considering how much Hootsuite costs, you need to pick the social media management tool that fits your needs the best. Pick only the tools that are right for you, this way you don't need to spend money on Hootsuite premium features you're not even using.

Hootsuite cost vs Kontentino pricing

Instagram publishing

When it comes to Instagram publishing, Kontentino is a good Hootsuite alternative. With the possibility of exporting your Instagram posts to Creator Studio to schedule them, there is no reason for paying Hootsuite premium subscription plans for this.

Features no social media manager can live without

Apart from price, we also need to talk about features. There are some differences that make each tool more suited to different users. There might be powerful Hootsuite features but Kontentino is not falling behind.

 Hootsuite pricing - Kontentino contains Hootsuite premium IG publishing features

Kontentino was developed by social media managers for social media managers. It is very well suited for agency - client cooperation and internal approval in brands. It is the perfect Hootsuite alternative + it won't ruin your budget.

social media management tool for teams

Kontentino vs Hootsuite pricing

hootsuite cost per user

Hootsuite pricing

Price for a user is more expensive

Hootsuite price for a user is more expensive than in Kontentino. Our pricing starts at 16 euro per user per month, which is a deal that is much better than Hootsuite offering - 25 euro per one user.

The price you pay here for one user is significantly smaller than what you'll find when you look at Hootsuite pricing (starting at 25 euro per user). Pricing of Kontentino features is more user-friendly (aka budget-friendly) than Hootsuite pricing.


Kontentino pricing

Team collaboration

In Kontentino, you enjoy all the perks of team collaboration and client approval from the beginning. With other social media management tools, you have access to these features only when paying for the more expensive subscription plans, for example, Hootsuite premium. Even though it's not officially called premium, it just as well could be because these advantages apply to their more expensive offers.

Better price

For a much better price (comparing with Hootsuite costs), Kontentino gives you everything you need for effective social media management. Users are mostly discouraged with Hootsuite price range. To be honest, the cost of one user is quite expensive. Kontentino offers you a much lower starting price. 

The price for one user in Kontentino is better than Hootsuite pricing model or pricing models of any other tool, for that matter.

All you need in one tool

When choosing marketing agency software for social media management,
you need to be sure it ticks all the boxes.

Kontentino – Hootsuite alternative – social media collaboration


Alternative to Hootsuite with lower price tag – Agency-client relationships

Flawless agency-client

Hootsuite mobile app alternative – Kontentino app

Feedback and approval
via our mobile app

Kontentino asset management included in the price

All assets in one place -
content handover
made easy