Loomly vs. Kontentino:
feature comparison




Supported social media platforms
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business
User interface
Easy to navigate, modern calendar
Complex, not intuitive
Main focus
Collaboration and approval
Publishing, analytics
Calendar and kanban dashboard
Instagram direct scheduling
Kontentino enable this feature(single image and single video posts)
Kontentino and Loomly enable this feature(single image and single video posts)
Instagram grid view
Kontentino enable social feature
Loomly social does not offer
Task assignment
Kontentino enable social feature
with advanced plans
Kontentino enable social feature
Loomly social does not offer
Live-post Preview
Kontentino enable social feature
Kontentino enable social feature
Post checklist
Kontentino enable social feature
Loomly social does not offer
Mobile app
Kontentino enable social feature(tailored specifically to make internal and client's approval easy and smooth)
Kontentino enable social feature

Enjoyable from the very beginning

If you need a UX/UI-focused Loomly competitor, Kontentino is probably what you are looking for. It was created in an advertising agency and streamlining workflow is a part of Kontentino's DNA. It will quickly become a favorite tool for your whole team.


Planning and scheduling as easy as it gets

Smoother organizing of your content? With such features as Instagram grid preview, Kontentino becomes a Loomly alternative that makes planning and scheduling your posts easier. No matter how complex your social media strategy is.


Easy collaboration for teams and brands

Kontentino is aLoomly competitor where smooth miracles happen. You can assign a task to your team member, then send the idea to internal and client approval and finally publish the post absolutely seamlessly.

Collaborate with team

The really supportive customer support

We believe that one of your conditions in finding a perfect Loomly alternative, is strong customer support. Have no doubts about Kontentino's quickly responding team, plus you can benefit from a rich source of inspiration, blogs, and tutorials.


Loomly competitor with customizable reports

As for the ads and analytics, Kontentino is similar to Loomly but has two big advantages. With Kontentino you can create amazing and easy-to-understand reports for your clients.


Loomly vs. Kontentino
See what you get when going for Kontentino

πŸ€“ Seamless collaboration between teams and brands

☝️ Quick approval process from the very start

🌈 The majority of social media formats

πŸ“† Comfort when creating, scheduling, and approving content

πŸ’™ Cool price, warm support

All in one Instagram scheduling app

All you need for great content is in your hand

Sometimes you get the most amazing ideas when you are on the go. And it's ok!Β  Kontentino is a flexible Loomly competitor, that allows you to create, comment and approve all the content even if you are just having your morning jogging.