Sprout Social vs. Kontentino: Which one suits you better?

See the benefits of the popular Sprout Social alternative

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Sprout Social vs. Kontentino:
feature comparison



Sprout Social

Supported social media platforms
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube
User interface
Easy to navigate, modern calendar
More complex, not intuitive
Main focus
Collaboration and approval
Social monitoring and analytics
Supporting nearly all post formats: including Facebook 360°photos or video link ads
Kontentino enable social feature
Sprout social does not offer
Instagram direct scheduling
Kontentino enable this feature (single image and single video posts)
Kontentino and Sprout enable this feature (single image and single video posts)
Instagram grid view
Kontentino enable social feature
only on mobile app
Post checklist
Kontentino enable social feature
Sprout social does not offer
Kontentino enable social feature
Sprout social does not offer
Live-post Preview
Kontentino enable social feature
Kontentino enable social feature
Task assignment
Kontentino enable social feature
Kontentino enable social feature
Mobile app
Kontentino enable social feature (tailored specifically to make internal and client's approval easy and smooth)
Kontentino enable social feature
Customer support response time under 5 min
Kontentino enable social feature
Sprout social does not offer
Pricing: Cost per user

/ month

/ month

Before your client sees it – internal collaboration

Browsing through Sprout Social competitors to find one that makes your teamwork seamless? Kontentino allows you to assign tasks, provide feedback and approve the posts with any team member. So that everyone on the creative team is happy.

Keeping up with dynamic changes on social media

If you are looking for a solid Sprout Social alternative, Kontentino might be the right one for your marketing team. Impress your clients by pimping up their Instagram accounts thanks to the  Drag&Drop IG Grid, IGTV scheduler, or Live-post previews.

Really smoooooooooth workflow

When creating, planning, scheduling, AND approving social media content, collaboration is everything. So, as a Sprout Social competitor, Kontentino is more focused on communication between teams and clients.

Customer support at the speed of light

Searching for a Sprout Social alternative with top-of-the-game customer support? Kontentino team responds in under 5 minutes.

An intuitive SproutSocial competitor

Kontentino is a social media management tool, created by humans like you. From its functions, it is similar to Sprout Social, but Kontentino was born in an advertising agency – social media planning workflow is part of its DNA. You will appreciate this the most when explaining to your team, how Kontentino works: “Give it 5 mins, and it will feel like home.“

Sprout Social vs. Kontentino:

See what you can enjoy with Kontentino

🤓 Easy collaboration between marketing teams and clients

☝️ Approval process available from the beginning (unlike with Sprout Social)

🌈 The majority of social media formats supported

📆 User-friendly creation, scheduling, and approval of social media content

💙 Cool price, warm support

The best ideas come “on the go“

The cool Sprout Social competitor is not only about “being online without a laptop“. The word is simplifying things. With the Kontentino mobile app you can easily schedule and approve posts, but most importantly, create awesome content from the palm of your hand.

Sprout Social vs. Kontentino budgeting: A huge difference

Kontentino is approximately 8 times more cost-effective Sprout Social alternative.

Price for a user in Kontentino is unmatched by its competitors. What's more, you can create the perfect plan for your team by going for some of our add-on modules.