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  • Custom features and workflow
  • Perfect for global teams
  • SLA 24/7


All inclusive social media
management tool
for larger companies


An expanded suite of tools,
with customizable modules
reflecting your needs


Essential tools to streamline
your social media workflow

180€ /m

up to 10 users

99€ /m

up to 10 users

71€ /m

up to 5 users

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Used by companies like:

Danone use enterprise kontentino plan IKEA use enterprise kontentino plan

Used by companies like:

BBDO use pro kontentino plan

Used by companies like:

Domino's use standard kontentino plan

Used by companies like:

Brainy bees use standard kontentino plan

Unlimited social media profiles

Up to 40 social media profiles

Up to 10 social media profiles

Unlimited number of posts

Unlimited number of posts

Up to 100 posts per month

Unlimited media storage

Unlimited media storage

All modules included

Unlimited media storage 10 GB
Intuitive easy-to use interface for clients
Mobile app QR code sign-in
Internal approval
Client approval
Inspirations calendar
Dedicated account manager
Analytics & Reporting
Pro Mobile App
Budget spend & performance analysis
Voice and video comments coming soon
Team training and pro 24/7 support
KontentBase i

Customize your plan with modules



Plan all your content in an
easy-to-navigate calendar.

for free

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Pro Mobile App

Pro Mobile App

Create & schedule social media
content from your mobile.

27€ / m

30€ / m

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Ads Planner

Ads Planner

Plan Facebook ads and export
them to Business Manager.

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Community management of
your social channels.

18€ / m

90€ / m

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Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Analyze your performance and
create customisable reports.

54€ / m

60€ / m

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Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis

Compare how your brand is
doing vs. the competitors.

36€ / m

40€ / m

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Manage the distribution of content
from global to local channels.

180€ / m

200€ / m

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Voice & Video Comments

Voice & Video Comments

Send voice and video comments to your team.

18€ / m

20€ / m

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How does the 14-day trial work?

After you sign up for your trial, you get access to all the features in Kontentino for 14 days. You don't have to pay anything or enter your credit card information. If you haven't had enough time to explore Kontentino, drop us a line in our chat or at

What happens at the end of my trial?

You simply enter your billing information and continue to use the service. But when you don't purchase a plan, then your account will expire and you won't be able to access your social media calendar anymore. In order to access your account, renew your subscription plan or contact our support.

How do I get billed for Kontentino?

Your billing plan depends on the number of added features and number of users.

You are able to choose from a one-month recurring subscription or one-year (10% discount) subscription.

You can pay by credit card, PayPal or SEPA bank transfer (if you're paying for a yearly subscription).

How can I change my billing plan?

Any changes (like changing your credit card or changing your subscription plan) can be done in the billing dashboard. If you have any questions regarding changes in the number of users or features, please shoot a message to our customer support.

Do you guarantee after-sale customer support?

Definitely, we are glad to help you with any problems or challenges you might have. We have world-class customer support with 5-star ratings.

Can I cancel my billing plan anytime?

Yes, you can do it by clicking the “Close account” button in Personal Settings. Our customer support will contact you and help you with the process.

My subscription has expired, can I renew it?

Yes, you can recover it by buying a plan. Your data will be stored for 1 year after the subscription expired.

Do you offer a discount for non-profits?

Yes, we do:)

NGOs have Kontentino for a 50% discounted price. 

Tax calculation

The tax is calculated based on the type of business you perform (an individual or a company) as well as the country you specify within the billing address.

If you are a company, and:

- you are located in the European Union and you have provided a valid VAT (enterprise) number - no tax is applied

- you are located outside the European Union and you have provided a Business ID - no tax is applied

- you are located in Slovakia - the tax 20% is applied

If you are an individual, and:

- you are located in the European Union - the tax of the country you are located in is applied

- you are located outside the European Union - the tax of Slovakia (Kontentino HQ) is applied

Does the client count as a user?

Yes, every role counts towards your final user count. However, the client doesn't need to go through the registration process, they only need an invitation.

"Kontentino is not just a social media planning tool for us. Kontentino is a partner to manage our social media right and easy with emphasis on user experience."

Michal Dubravsky, Digital manager, Asahi Beers

Michal Dubravsky, Asahi Beers

"As an online marketing agency, it is very important to be able to coordinate the content flow with our clients. By always being available for questions and providing a good tool, Kontentino helps us with this."

Jordi Nieling, Adviseur Community Marketing, .comuniteers

Jordi Nieling, .comuniteers

"Involving all team members and creative agencies in the content creation process was a real challenge before we had Kontentino."

Katus Krisztina, social media manager, Telekom HU

Katus Krisztina, Telekom HU