Terms of Service

Hello, we are really happy that you are starting using Kontentino. Kontentino is a simple content organizing tool for facebook page managers. Please read these terms first before starting using Kontentino. By starting using Kontentino, you accept these terms.

These terms repeatedly include words as “we”, “our”, “you”, “your”, “terms”, “services”. In order not to get confused, take a look at this explanation of what we mean when we use these words:
“We”, “our” – company Grafoman s.r.o. Zochova 16/6, Bratislava 811 03 , identification number: 45 302 375, registred in the Commercial Register, Entry number 62190/B, maintained by the District Court, Bratislava, Slovak Republic and our employees, associates, directors.
“You”, “your” – person or company registered at our website in order to use Kontentino
“Terms” – Terms of Services including Privacy Policy
“Services” – our website, application programming interfaces, applications and the content of Kontentino

  1. Terms of use

    1. You agree to use Kontentino only for purposes permitted by the Terms. You agree to use Kontentino in compliance with all applicable law, regulation and rules.
    2. You are responsible for the content you upload, create, edit or share while using Kontentino and for the actions (including any loss or damage) linked to that.
    3. You are the owner of the content and we will not claim any intellectual property rights over your content.
    4. We are not obligged to back-up your content, therefore you are strongly advised to archive it on your own.
    5. We are the owners of Kontentino and the Services it provides. You may not copy, reproduce, alter, modify, resell, mirror, or create derivative works of Kontentino without our written permission.
    6. You are strongly advised to keep your account name and password confidential. Notify us in case of any unauthorized use of your account. We are not responsible for the losses because of hacked or stolen passwords.
  2. Updates

    1. You accept that Kontentino may apply updates to the Services and that such updates may result in changes in the appearance or functionality of the Services.
    2. Kontentino will provide, implement, install and maintain at its own cost any updates, upgrades, improvements, corrections, bug fixes, patches, and modifications to its Services.
  3. Payment

    1. We offer 30 days of free trial. After the trial expires, you will have to select one of our monthly subscription plans.
    2. You will be granted a license to use Kontentino for your own purpose during the period of your plan subscription.
    3. Your monthly subscription is billed in advance (in EUR) on a monthly basis and is non-refundable. You will need a valid credit card in order to pre-pay your subscribed plan.
    4. The payment will be charged from your credit card on the first day of the each month during the time of your subscription. In case that we are unable to charge the payment from your credit card, your subscription can be withdrawn until we are able to charge the monthly subscription.
    5. There will be no refunds for partial months. If you choose to upgrade or downgrade your account, you can do so any time. You will be charged the amount respective to your new plan starting from the first day of the next month.
    6. You can only downgrade a plan after meeting the parameters of the lower plan.
  4. Cancellation

    1. You can cancel your account whenever you want. If you decide to close your account, send an email to cancel@kontentino.com. In this case we would feel really sad and of course you will not be charged any cancellation fee.
    2. Once you choose to cancel your account, we will delete all your data. Make sure you archive your data before cancelling your account.
    3. We are allowed to close or suspend your account if you do not comply with these terms.
  5. Limitation of Liability

    1. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we are not liable to you for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, or punitive damages, including lost profits or revenues, business interruption, due to these terms, services or the failure to perform our obligations.
    2. We are not liable for the acts, omissions, and conduct of any third parties related to your use of Kontentino and any linked sites and services. Your sole remedy against us for dissatisfaction with Kontentino is to stop using our Services.
    3. We are not responsible for any delays or failure on our Services caused beyond our control.
    4. We are not liable for any damage or loss of your uploaded data caused by your activities, technical disruptions, failure or by activities from third-party.
  6. Changes of the Terms

    1. We may change, modify, add or remove any part of these Terms, at any time. The changes will not be effective until posted on the website.
    2. You are responsible for checking these Terms periodically, to see the changes. We have the right to modify, change Kontentino and interrupt the Services in case of maintenance, correction.

    The relationship between you and us established by these Terms is governed by the laws of Slovakia. You nonetheless must comply with all the local and state laws applicable to you in your jurisdiction.

    Should you have any questions, please contact us: we-reply-quickly@kontentino.com