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Using the Instagram Publisher in Kontentino

You know, scheduling a post to Instagram is always a bit tricky. Let's take a look at how to schedule them properly. Kontentino enables you to schedule all types of Instagram posts including Instagram video posts, carousels or stories. With the inbuilt Instagram Publisher, you'll become an expert in Insta scheduling in a jiffy.

Kontentino Calendar

You can schedule to Instagram via our mobile app or Creator Studio, thanks to our integration. Posts scheduled via Creator Studio will be published automatically.

Scheduling via Kontentino mobile app

Looking for Instagram Calendar? Kontentino Calendar fully integrates posts scheduled for Instagram. Follow the steps below to create new content for Instagram, which can be reviewed by your colleagues and client and scheduled for publishing.

  1. It's just like creating any other post. In your Kontentino calendar, click on the date you want your post to be published. Upload a photo or a video from your computer or Kontentino album. You can schedule a photo, video, carousel or even a story. Write the post copy, choose the time and click on ‘Save’.

  2. Now you see a live preview of your post.

  3. When you, your colleagues or clients have already reviewed the post just click ‘Schedule’.

  4. In order to have your post published, you need to download the Kontentino mobile app for Android or iOS.

  5. Once the post is scheduled you will see a note informing you that a push notification reminder will be sent to your phone 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

  6. Now you can relax and wait until you receive a push notification to your smartphone. When you do, that's the moment when your Instagram post is about to be published.

  7. Open the notification and tap PUBLISH NOW. Your post will be copied to the Instagram app. You select whether it's a story or a regular post. To insert the text copy, tap-hold the text field and paste it.

Now your Instagram post is ready for its time to shine :)


It's always a good idea to check to which Instagram account you're signed in on your phone, so you do not publish a photo of cat food to a fitness club's page.

Scheduling via Creator Studio

Create your Instagram post like you normally would, discuss it with your team and send it for approval. When you're ready to schedule, choose the option “Export to Creator Studio”.

Scheduling Instagram Stories

As we indicated, you can easily schedule IG stories with Kontentino Calendar. If you follow the 7 step process described above, select 'Story' from the tabs available under the Post Text. If you were wondering how to schedule instagram stories or whether you can do it at all, the answer is here. If you are not a Kontentino user yet, register for a 14-day free trial and start scheduling your Instagram video posts, carousels and IG stories today.

When to Publish on Instagram

Now you know how our Insta scheduler works. However, do you know when to schedule your IG posts for publishing? What is the best time for your posts to appear live? We've got you covered - please give our advice article on Instagram post scheduling a read.

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