How to create and plan your posts


Once you’ve linked your social media accounts with Kontentino and created a content plan, you are ready to create your posts. Start by clicking on the plus sign or just clicking on any day in the calendar.

Choose the type of your post. When creating a Facebook post you, can choose from all Facebook post types such as GIF, carousels, 360° photos or even PPC video ads.

For now, let's choose link post, write the post copy, paste the link and see that it looks exactly like on Facebook - you can change the image, headlines or even add UTM tags.

Choose the time of your post to be scheduled to. Fill in the planned boost budget and tags for better overview.

Boost budget is just an informative field, you can't boost posts from Kontentino but it gives you a nice overview on planned monthly spend, so you do not exceed your agreed monthly limit.

Tags are great for having control over your content balance, for example between hard-sell, brand building, or engagement posts. Naturally, you can create your own tags depending on how you structure your content.

If you need to do some additional work on your post, you can assign it to any of your team members. For example to an another social media manager to fine-tune the copy or a designer to finish the artwork.

Let's get back, and let's say you are finished with this post. Click on 'Completed', which means that the post is ready to be published or ready for approval, if there is someone who approves your posts, of course. It can be someone in your team or your client.

Now you are finished with your post and you see the live post preview - the exact look the post will have on Facebook.

Assigning tasks to your team members and the internal and client approval process is explained in the next tutorials.

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