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The main aim of Kontentino is to save your time on operational tasks and make your collaboration processes flawless. That's why we created for you a "magic" blue button called Time savers! Did you know that it allows you to duplicate multiple posts at once, send multiple posts for approval to numerous recipients and many other great things? Read this tutorial and learn how to use this feature to its fullest and save your precious time!

You can find the Time savers button in Calendar right next to your content plans. When you click on it, various options will appear. Let's discover them!

Time savers: 

  1. Duplicate posts: This is our fresh new update that allows you to duplicate one or multiple posts to multiple profiles. It's especially beneficial when you're managing numerous social media profiles and want to post the same post to all of them. 

    • Click on Duplicate posts, select those you would like to copy and choose the social media profiles and content plans you wish the posts to be copied to. As easy as that! 

    • If you want to copy only a single post, there's even a quicker workaround! You can just drag & drop the specific post from Calendar to the "Drop posts to copy" area on the left. Then, again just select social media profiles and content plan and your posts will be automatically copied for the same date and time as is set in the original one.

    • This workflow is even more efficient if you have a Profile group setup. When you go inside your Profile group in Calendar and again drag & drop a specific post, it will automatically give you an option to copy it to all the social media profiles from the preset. Of course, you can edit it and choose only the profiles you need or add others outside of the preset. 

    • The copied posts will always have the same status. You can even copy posts whose status is "Scheduled". This way, all the copies will be published automatically together with the original post. Of course, you still have the option to adjust the scheduling time and date in the copied posts. Also, be aware that any changes made to an original post after copying it wouldn't reflect on its copies.

  2. Assign tasks: By selecting the Assign task button, you can assign multiple tasks to multiple teammates. Just select the post/s to which you want to assign the task, recipients and describe the task in the box below. You can even mark them as urgent or send an email notification, so your teammates won't overlook it.

  3. Send for client/internal approval: A very similar workflow is being used when you need to send numerous posts for approval to your clients or colleagues. You can do it in just a few clicks by again selecting the posts and recipients and clicking the "Submit" button. And voilá all the posts were sent for approval! 

  4. Schedule: Last but not least, you can schedule multiple posts at once. Similarly, just select those posts that are ready to go live, press "Submit" and that's it. Posts are being exported and posted at the time and date you've set up.

Great, now you know how to save even more time with Kontentino and rock your collaboration and approval processes. If you still would like to get to know more about Time savers, read our blog post, where you can also find use cases for each of the processes. And if you are not a Kontentino user yet, register for a 14-day free trial and enjoy the benefits of flawless workflow processes today.

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