Approval workflow in Kontentino

Post Approval

Let's say you have some completed posts in our content plan. This means your are finished with them and want to send them for client's or internal approval. 'Internal approval' means that your content is getting approved by an internal content supervisor (for example social media leader or creative director).

In this tutorial, let's send posts only for client approval, but the internal approval workflow works exactly the same way.

Click 'send for approval' in the top navigation bar and select 'client approval'. You’ll get a list of completed posts that can be sent for approval. You can select or deselect any of these posts you do not want to send for approval if you like.

Click 'continue' and select clients from the list. You can select more clients at once, and they will all get the same notification email stating that you are waiting for their approval.

Subject line and email body is prefilled with default text that can be edited. You can add more information about the content you are sending or any other Information. You as the sender will get a copy of this email after sending the posts for approval. This default message text can be edited in settings of course.

You’re all set, so send it for approval.

Now all selected posts have changed their status from 'completed' to 'waiting for client approval'. Once they approve or comment on the posts, you will be notified about these changes as well.

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