The 10 Biggest 2020 Facebook Updates – and How to Use Them in Your Strategy

Facebook doesn’t stop surprising us – they roll out updates at the speed of light. 

While some Facebook updates are still being tested, other Facebook changes are being implemented overnight… to leave social media managers confused.

How to stay on track with this Facebook news? How to not only know about Facebook updates for 2020 and also implement them in your social media strategy?

Well, we’ve got you covered. 

Here comes our ultimate list of the 10 biggest 2020 Facebook updates (as of the first half of the year). 

Why staying up-to-date with the latest Facebook news pays off?

Is it a rhetorical question? Quite likely, yes. Below, you’ll find a few reasons for always keeping on top of the latest Facebook updates:

  • staying ahead of the competition,
  • being the first one to test out new tactics,
  • refreshing your communication, 
  • helping your business with new features,
  • impacting your paid ads.

The 2020 Facebook updates and how to leverage them

Let’s move on to the creme de la creme of this article: a complete list of 2020 Facebook updates that you need to know about, and how to add them to your current efforts.

Fasten your seatbelt: we’re going to go through an exciting list of Facebook changes right now. 

Mobile-friendly Facebook shops

What is it?

This is one of the most awaited 2020 Facebook updates. Facebook shops allow businesses on Facebook to create a fully functional online store there and on Instagram, free of charge. 

In Facebook Shops you can:

  • feature selected items
  • merchandise with product collections
  • customize your descriptions with fonts and colours
  • connect with customers through Messenger, Instagram Direct and WhatsApp to answer questions and requests

There are also more related Facebook changes that have been announced and will be implemented soon:

  • an Instagram Shop
  • live shopping features
  • loyalty programmes 

Facebook Shops offer integrations with some e-commerce giants such as Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce so that small businesses can run their businesses, move and sell online.

How to use these Facebook updates in your strategy?

This Facebook news comes across as a great solution for businesses who have suffered a big downturn during Covid-19 outbreak or who always wanted to go online, but have never had the resources to do so.

You can use Facebook Shops to showcase your products on social media and grow your conversion.

In an era when customers are looking for as short a customer journey as possible, giving them the possibility to check out in just a few clicks is crucial.

With Facebook Shops, you can provide such an experience. We can definitely call this one of the most exciting 2020 Facebook updates. 

Instead of redirecting people to your website or posting some teasers with links in copy, you can simply get your Facebook shop up and running.

This way, you’ll allow people to finalize their purchase on the same platform that’s likely to have been their very first touchpoint with your brand. 

More info on this Facebook news can be found on the official Facebook website

“Support small business” stickers

What is it?

This is one of a few 2020 Facebook updates that allow businesses to move their brand more to the online side.

“Support small business” stickers are a continuation of the #SupportSmallBusiness movement that was popularized during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Support Small Business stickers
New Instagram Stickers for small businesses

Instagram users can tag their favourite place that they want to support via a special sticker.

Once they tag the place, three recent photos are automatically uploaded below the hashtag to give a better overview of the place.

The sticker is clickable, which means that anyone who sees it can click through. 

The story that your followers or clients publish will be also added to a shared SupportSmall story where other supported businesses can be seen.

Brands can repost these stories or send a DM to their authors. 

How to use these Facebook updates in your strategy?

If you promote such Facebook news to your fans, they may promote it further themselves.

Anytime they interact with your brand or finalize a purchase (both online and offline), encourage them to use one of these stickers if they are going to mention it on social media.

You can even reward them for taking such action with a small discount code for the next time they shop with you. 

If your followers or brand ambassadors (and you yourself) promote your business this way, you may get more followers, more engagement and more interest in your services as a result.

No one knows how long these Facebook updates are to stay on social media, so it’s best to make the most of them now! 

3D images made out of 2D images

What is it?

3D image posts on Facebook are nothing new.

This year, Facebook rolled out their machine-learning-powered feature for creating 3D images out of any 2D image, even if the latter was taken years ago with a regular camera.

In short, you’re given the option of making a 3D Facebook post out of any photo that you already have, or by taking a new one.

3D photos on Facebook
Facebook changes make it easy to create 3D photo now

How to use these Facebook updates in your strategy?

Even if it’s a little “fake” 3D (as it “only” adds some more depth to your photos), this Facebook news can add a really refreshing element to your posting.

No one says you have to completely fall for it right now, but these Facebook changes may be worth testing out, e.g. for content repurposing.

Such a post, appearing in your followers’ news feeds, may catch their attention and bring about more valuable engagement. 

Select a few older images and static photos for a testing phase of these Facebook updates.

If you never try, you’ll never know.

New layout + dark mode

What is it?

The newest desktop layout gives quicker access to selected Facebook features, and it’s also less cluttered.

There are also some Facebook changes that brought Dark Mode to Messenger.

Now, Facebook is testing Dark Mode – both on mobile and desktop – for its main layout. 

How to use these Facebook updates in your strategy?

While you can’t directly use these Facebook changes in your strategy, you can adjust your communication to the new, or planned, changes.

Check out if the image sizes you’ve picked are right – if not, use our cheat sheet to customize them.

Very “white” creatives may look strange in dark mode, so you may want to change them slightly as well.

On the other hand, when dark mode is rolled out for everyone, bright creatives may look better and more distinguished.  

Messenger Rooms

What is it?

Messenger Rooms is a new video calling feature provided by Facebook. It allows the hosting of up to 50 people on a group video call.

How to use these Facebook updates in your strategy?

Messenger Rooms can be used for engaging communities.

Since you can invite even your Instagram followers or contacts on WhatsApp to join such a room (they don’t need to have a Facebook profile to use the tool), you can turn it into a very exclusive yet accessible communication channel. 

You could host Q&A sessions, show exclusive content to the room members (for example, as a part of your premium services), or chat with your brand ambassadors.

You could also create a room for an event that you’re hosting or for a group that you’re managing, so there are many creative ways to use this new feature.

“Audio-only” live mode with automatic captions

What is it?

Live streaming got so popular that the introduction of some Facebook changes and improvements to this form of communication is not surprising.

Facebook has recently announced a small switch in their video live stream option that has been designed to eliminate a barrier of entry to those who have hearing difficulties or who rely on screen readers. 

The “audio-only” live mode now comes with the feature of automatic captions.

How to use these Facebook updates in your strategy?

Even though automatic captions won’t necessarily be completely accurate (and often they are not), this update will enable you to reach more people with your live communication.

While Facebook has identified mainly those struggling with regular live streams as the target for this new feature, another group that may benefit from it are those who simply don’t like listening to live streams (or who can’t do so, since e.g. they are commuting).

Now, they’re given the option to familiarise themselves with your content in another convenient way. This may be an extra reason for you to start playing around with live streaming.

Changes related to Covid-19

What is it?

Covid-19 has caused a lot of changes to the World, but also the online one too. There have been a couple of changes implemented to Facebook ads and they could disrupt your campaigns. 

  • delays and errors in ad reviews due to staff working remotely
  • banning ads that “leverage” fears related to the virus (face masks, hand sanitizers, test kits) – Facebook wants to protect users and ensure clarity of information
  • testing new features to decrease the spreading of misinformation about the coronavirus on Messenger and WhatsApp
source: undraw

How to use these Facebook updates in your strategy?

To minimize delays in your strategy, create campaigns in advance and get them through the internal approval process as soon as possible.

Then, even if you need to wait longer for FB approval or to deal with appeals, you won’t be facing campaign delays. 

Keep your tone of voice informative and concise, avoid misinformation, and don’t post controversial content or run some forbidden campaigns.

Even if it’s approved initially, it will be taken down in seconds, putting you at risk of losing your profile or facing a ban on your ad account. 

Your followers seek clear info, and you should be able to provide it. There has never been a worse time for misunderstandings than now.

Removing detailed targeting options

What is it?

Some other Facebook updates concern paid social.

In August 2019, Facebook started removing some targeting options – e.g. excluding a particular group of people from your campaigns, behavior targeting, and minor interest targeting options.

Existing campaigns that included such a set-up weren’t stopped and could still run until Jan 14, 2020. If they were not updated by then, they would have been paused for delivery. 

How to use these Facebook updates in your strategy?

It’s likely that you’ve had some campaigns up and running for months.

Go through your Ads Manager and check which campaigns need some updates. The same applies to your custom audience, for which there’s a possibility you need to update them or create new ones too.

If your ad sets require updates, you’ll be able to recognize them via the See Affected Ad Sets notification.

“Mood” mode for Stories

What is it?

Now you can add a Mood mode to your Facebook Stories.

This allows you to create some GIF-focused content for Stories with “mood” statements below the selected animations. 

New Stories options for Facebook
New Facebook changes for Stories

How to use these Facebook updates in your strategy?

While Stories provide a lot of space for creativity, it’s always good to be able to use some novelties and refresh your communication.

With Mood mode, brands can express their emotions in a completely new way – for example for launching a new collection or announcing some interesting news. 

Care reaction

What is it?

The Care reaction is the seventh Facebook reaction, which gives users the opportunity to express their opinion about posts on Facebook.

This new reaction was introduced as a quick reply option for coronavirus related news, so it’s not yet confirmed whether it will stay with users after the outbreak.

How to use these Facebook updates in your strategy?

There are a few ways making the most of these Facebook changes. 

Care Reaction as 2020 Facebook updates

First, you may play around with it for corporate culture news and updates from your workplace or business, such that a Care reaction left by your fans could be taken to mean “we identify with your business”. 

Additionally, you may use it in posts where each reaction corresponds to a different action – for example “what would you choose today – pizza (vote with Wow) or tacos (vote with Love)?” 

Your users need to feel more compassion and a little cheering up during these turbulent times, so encouraging them to use such a reaction may bring about some positive results. 

If you get a lot of Care reactions under your posts, it may be an indicator for you that such content is the most sought after, in which case you should follow this pattern for your strategy.

To wrap up

It goes without saying that there have been many Facebook updates in 2020 already, and that more Facebook changes are still to come later in the year. 

It’s important to keep up to date with them if you want to be successful on social media.

If you rather miss out on these crucial Facebook updates, you may end up watching your competitors’ backs before long.

As a brand, you should make the most of all Facebook changes and try to squeeze them into your social media strategies.


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