Best practices

Learn about best practices on social media today and enhance your social media strategy. Best practices of content creation, curation, approvals, sharing, and publishing.What are the best practices for creating and publishing content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others? Get inspiration from the authors of the top social media content scheduling app!
Kontentino blog_LinkedIn scheduling tools

12 LinkedIn Scheduling Tools for 2024

Tired of the LinkedIn posting hustle? You’re not the only one. Many social media managers struggle with consistent and regular LinkedIn communication. Since LinkedIn isn’t just about LinkedIn company pages,...

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Social Media Image Sizes in 2024 [Cheatsheet]

With the ever-changing landscape of social media, you have one more headache to tackle. And that’s keeping your images up to date with the latest image size guidelines for optimal...

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The 13 Best Hootsuite Alternatives for 2024

Hootsuite is considered one of the most popular solutions for complex social media management. However, is it the best one? You might be doubting this yourself if you stumbled upon...

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Social media target audience

How to Capture your Target Audience on Social Media

Your target audience is like the North Star guiding your social media marketing strategy. Understanding who they are is not just beneficial. It’s necessary. Without this knowledge, you’re essentially shooting...

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