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Instagram management tools

15 Instagram Marketing Tools to Use in 2021

Kinga Edwards
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Kinga Edwards

Instagram has been growing incredibly over the years and now stars among the top social media platforms. Besides lifestyle influencers, business organizations are contributing to this trend too. MORE than 80% of brands consider Instagram engagement as the most important metric. No doubt that Instagram gives you the chance to reach your target audience without spending a fortune. 

Are you rolling out your Instagram account? To make it easier for you, we’ve prepared a list of Instagram tools for marketing. Using them, you will be able to manage the account as an expert and create content like an artist. Here we’ll discuss Instagram tools for business that can help you grow your brand faster. Want to know which tools will help you manage your account more efficiently? 

Here they are. To create a beautiful, well-managed, and engaging Instagram grid, check out these top Instagram marketing tools for 2021.

Instagram management tools

Have you heard of Instagram tools for marketing that let you manage all of your Instagram activities in one place? People who start using such tools soon can’t imagine driving social media without them. They simplify work, keep track of publishing your posts, and save one more priceless thing – your time. 

In other words, if you want  help with organizing and scheduling your entire marketing strategy, as well as publishing your posts automatically, then one of the best Instagram management apps will be a good fit for you. These are some great tools that we recommend trying.


If Kontentino were a person, they would definitely be a multitasker. It’s the best Instagram management app that lets you create, organize, plan, schedule, analyze, and collaborate (and that’s not all). All of these features are enclosed in a minimalist and user-friendly interface. It’s probably the easiest way possible to manage your Instagram account and reduce the number of apps you use. Among the features of Kontentino, which make it especially useful for Instagram purposes?

Scheduling, direct publishing & live post preview

Kontentino integration with Creator Studio makes scheduling posts a breeze. You can create your post and easily schedule it with just one click to watch it go live. Also, all posts are arranged into a dynamic calendar for users to visualize the order in which they will be shared. Furthermore, you can see how your post will look in the live preview once you’ve finished making it.

All important IG post formats supported

Kontentino supports all major post formats – from basic images to videos, stories, multiple images, and IGTV. You will have no limits on your creativity.

Drag & Drop Instagram grid

Instagram is a platform that “pleases the eye” and offers aesthetic content. That is exactly why you ought to know how important the visual coherence of your Instagram grid is. This best Instagram management app provides a preview of the feed. You can drag and drop posts back and forth to find the order that best portrays the brand’s message.

Post checklist

If you want to be sure that you have done everything to make your post look perfect, you can access a post checklist right next to the post preview. You can also add a new checklist item. Set up a list as a reminder so that you never miss anything important before scheduling your posts.


It’s a great tool for seamless marketing team or agency collaboration – you can assign tasks to particular team members, communicate easily through comments, work on posts together, and easily send them for approval. Everything is clear; everyone will know what to do and what their duties are. 


Besides Instagram, Kontentino supports other social media platforms as well. Still not convinced? If you haven’t tried our instagram management platform already, you can do so for free.

Creator Studio

You might know this Instagram marketing platform from managing Facebook Pages. However, a lack of features that can streamline collaboration and approval processes makes this tool useful only for basic, personal operations on social media. Over a year ago, Creator Studio was expanded to include Instagram as well. You can use this tool to manage your posts, measure their performance, and monetize content. It’s available only for the ones who have an Instagram Business Profile or Creator account.


  • Manage your content & inbox

You can draft and schedule your posts to the Instagram feed, IGTV, and stories. From the Content Library, you have access to all of your existing content, whether it’s stories, posts, or carousel. Additionally, you can organize your inbox by responding to messages and comments right from its interface.

  • Explore insights

With the data and metrics available, you can better understand your followers – their age and gender, where they come from, and when they are active on Instagram. However, this instagram management tool doesn’t provide advanced analytics, just the basics.


Essentially, Creator Studio is a straightforward free Instagram management tool that doesn’t allow you to do much more than take basic actions related to your account. 

Instagram Stories tools

In August 2016, Instagram launched IG Stories – a revolutionary feature among all others. 500 million Instagram users create stories daily. At a time when one of the most engaging types of content is video, it’s an excellent opportunity for businesses to improve their visibility and build an audience. Yet, your stories need to stand out from the crowd. What are the best Instagram marketing tools for this purpose?


Canva is a super user-friendly platform that helps you to become a graphic designer without any special skills. It’s one of the most useful Instagram tools for marketing teams. You can create your projects from scratch or use a variety of templates (which are fully customizable) to make your stories look perfect. You can also use this tool to prepare Posts graphics, Carousel Instagram Posts, and many more. 

Even though Canva has a Pro, fee-paying version, it gives you access to a wide range of free templates, fonts, and elements that are all downloadable in many different formats. It’s also available on mobile devices.


This is an app that allows you to use film frames and make simple designs for your Instagram stories (and not only). They are divided by categories and collections so that you can easily create your own IG stories style and make use of templates. Most of them are available only in the premium version. Clay is a powerful tool that can help you create a cohesive modern Instagram look. 



Mojo is an Instagram story editor that helps you to create animated stories with hundreds of templates. You can add text, change the colors, size, fonts or customize any element of your story. With this app, you can make your stories even more engaging by adding music to them.



By using this tool for editing, you can create high-quality stores from existing videos. You can adjust their speed, make transitions, add music, filters, and stickers. The tool allows quick editing of video for Instagram purposes.


Tools for posts

Different light, different settings – all of these factors impact upon the final result of a photo not being the same. These tools allow you to create a cohesive Instagram feed and help you express your own editing style that is consistent with your brand – making your posts more engaging and increasing your followers as a result.


It’s a handy tool to plan out and visualize your Instagram feed. An editor, planner, and scheduling app in one. It’s an Instagram management tool that will remind you when it’s time to post. It will also provide you with some basic performance metrics.



Prequel is an editing tool – you can enrich images on your posts with effects, filters, and templates. You can make a variety of adjustments – you can add any music track to a post or make amazing 3D moving pictures.


Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a very advanced editing tool that is simple to use. It has a desktop and mobile version so you can edit your photos however you like. Moreover, many creators sell or share their own presets, making it easy to tweak your photos with just one click and achieve consistent results.

Hashtag search tools

According to HubSpot research, a typical Instagram post contains about 10.7 hashtags. In fact, the engagement rate decreases for posts with more than six hashtags, so stick to five or fewer. Even so, you should choose ones that will work best. How to do that? Use these Instagram tools for business to search for hashtags. 


It’s a photo recognition app – you upload a photo and it’ll generate a list of relevant hashtags by using AI. The big plus is that most of the hashtags are non-generic and indeed a perfect match. Bad news for Apple users – it’s only available for Android.



It’s a hashtag generator that helps you to find the best tags for your Instagram posts. These are all organized by categories and you can easily copy and paste them into your posts. You can also create a group of your favorite ones. 


Other Instagram tools for marketing


The Milkshake App is a super easy website builder created to connect your followers with an offer from your bio. Your website can be tailored to your brand and updates quickly. No web skill is needed to build a page that will help you sell more.


Social Blade

Social Blade is a marketing platform that tracks user statistics from Instagram and other social media platforms. It provides access to all creator analytics via a public database. You can use it to find influencers to collaborate with and control your business account performance.



It’s an AI-powered Instagram analytical platform that helps you find real influencers (i.e. without fake audiences). It gives you access to in-depth metrics like brand affinity, audience demographics, and fraud detection. You can analyze and track influencer marketing campaign results and build reports based on this data. 


Ads Manager

Ads Manager is an advanced all-in-one tool shared by Facebook and Instagram for creating ads on these social media platforms. Create multi-platform campaigns there and choose from the various engaging ad formats (stories, videos, carousels, collections, and ads in the “explore” section). This will help you increase your follower number by reaching out to new people and setting up precise targeting options.



This list of Instagram marketing tools 2021 was created to make your account easier to work on. Take advantage of what they can offer you and use them to manage your business account efficiently.

Check out each of these Instagram tools for business, and see how you can improve your marketing strategy without any hassle. Good luck!

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