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5 new Kontentino features you’ll enjoy in 2017

Bo Pokštefl
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Bo Pokštefl

7 weeks has already passed in 2017 in just a blink of an eye. Both people and companies have their plans and New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year. It’s good to have a goal that motivates and fuels you with a drive. With a great start of Kontentino in 2016, we are excited for the next year with plans to satisfy you and your client’s needs. Here are not just promises but a list of new Kontentino features that you will enjoy in 2017.

Having mobile app is a must have for every tool, especially when you need to be informed about events by notifications on time. Sometimes you need to edit or reschedule a post immediately and you don’t have access to your computer. With the app, you no longer worry about ad hoc situations. Your clients can easily review and approve all the content as well, while enjoying an afternoon coffee or waiting for a dinner at a restaurant.

If you are already planning your posts you probably care about them. It means that you are curious about how are your posts actually performing. Yes, simple analytics are necessary. Thus, they will be launched in Kontentino very soon. You’ll be able to see them right next to your published post with real-time analytics showing how your post is performing in engagement, reach and other major metrics.

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Are you an international brand with social media managers in different locations? This album stores above average performing posts and sorts them based on statistics and analytics. The goal is to inspire colleagues from other regions with best performing posts. This is a nice and easy way to share the knowledge and best practices within a company.

If you are an agency interested in benchmarking post-performance among all your competitors. You will be able to do it easily in Kontentino as well:)

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Clients want to see how are social media post performing as well. Brand managers are data driven and they want reports. With analytics in Kontentino, it would be a shame not make reporting for your clients easier. Set up a pattern for each client with all the necessary details such as targeting, boost budgets and post-performance. This pdf or excel file can be downloaded and sent to the client. Moreover, your clients will get a nice overview of the posts performances and basic analytics.

You might probably love our calendar already, but this improvement will definitely make you love it more. Some users need to track multiple social media networks in one place. For those, there is an option to set whether they want to see posts from different social media platforms in a single content plan. This way the calendar will be more intuitive with a clear structure.

Kontentino doesn’t know such thing as winter hibernation. These changes will be another step to achieve our main goal. To make social media managers and their clients more than satisfied while doing their social media. Kontentino will surprise you more than you think in 2017.

Which one of these planned features interests you the most? Share your opinion with us in comments below.

P.S. If you (as many others) ran into the issue of unsuccessfully trying to edit boosted post, we’ve got you covered on this one – read our article on the Facebook hacks you didn’t know existed.

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