27 Best Instagram Apps: How to Achieve Maximum Results for Your Business

Instagram is one of the most popular and fastest-growing social media platforms. It has one billion active users, and over 100 million photographs are shared on the platform every day. With a younger demographic than Facebook, it is the ideal platform for marketing to millennial and Gen Z customers.

With so much competition for attention on Instagram, it can be difficult to make your posts stand out from the crowd.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 27 of the best Instagram apps available right now. Whether you’re looking to boost your engagement levels, gain more followers, or simply make your life easier when it comes to managing your account, these apps are sure to do the trick.

Why should you use Instagram apps?

Using Instagram apps can help improve your account. With various apps, you can research which of your posts have been the most successful and then post more of that type of content or create more captivating graphics/animations.

The best Instagram apps also make managing your account easier. For example, if you want to delete a photo from your account but don’t have access to a computer, you can use an app to do it for you.

Using Instagram apps also can be fun and interesting – there are many different ones out there that offer unique features, allowing you to do things that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Which apps deserve your attention?

Best Instagram photo apps

The most visual of all social media platforms, Instagram is about sharing beautiful pictures and fascinating videos. For your posts to gain as much attention as possible, they need to be stunning to look at. To give your brand a competitive advantage, here are some of our favorite photo editing Instagram apps for iOS and Android. 

1. Snapseed

A great free Instagram app, Snapseed enables you to create photographs that you wish you’d taken. It is used by a wide variety of professional photographers because it makes advanced photo editing so easy. You can alter brightness, add curves, or change the shapes of buildings. You can even remove entire elements altogether. Say goodbye to that annoying photo-bomber ruining an otherwise perfect shot.

Developed by Google, Snapseed is available to download free for both Android and iOS.


2. A Color Story

This is one of the most innovative Instagram posting apps for businesses, as it enables you to keep every post in line with your overall brand image. You have brand colors, right? Using them in your Instagram posts will help to cement your branding in the minds of your followers.

A Color Story helps you achieve this by offering different color filter packs for you to download. Simply download one that corresponds with your company colors and then apply it to your photographs before posting them. This ensures that your entire page is awash with the colors you want everyone to associate with your brand, giving you a market advantage. No wonder so many influencers are using it.

A Color Story is free to download as an Instagram app for Android and iPhone. It also has a desktop version.



One of the longest-established, best Instagram apps, VCSO is top of just about everyone’s list when it comes to choosing the best Instagram photo app. It is consistently rated as a favorite by professional photographers due to the number of great effects it enables you to create on your photos and video posts. The #VSCO hashtag is now featured in around 206 million Instagram posts.

The main advantage of VCSO is that it allows you to add exclusive filters, contrast, and grain to your pictures and videos, making them look as if they have been shot on film rather than on a smartphone.

You can get the VSCO app absolutely FREE for iOS and Android, although you have the option to upgrade to the subscription version for even better results.


4. TouchRetouch

Is there an object on a photo that you wish to remove? TouchRetouch lets you do so in a matter of seconds without leaving a trace.

With this app, you can remove people from the background, meshes from the foreground, or eliminate objects like street signs and trash cans. Worth adding to your Instagram toolbox.

TouchRetouch is available for both iOS and Android. The app is paid (about $5).


5. Priime

This is a tasteful app for professionals who need high-quality and fast editing of RAW and high-resolution photos. It’s developed in collaboration with the world’s top photographers. Priime can give you smart style suggestions based on color palette, exposure, subject, and many more.

Priime is an app dedicated to and supported only by iPhones.


6. Lightroom

This is probably the most well-known pro-focused app among Instagrammers and the one that provides the most advanced capabilities. They are endless.

What makes it unique are the presets (custom filters) that you can purchase from other creators, download, and use in one click. Our favorite for keeping your Instagram feed cohesive.

Lightroom’s free version offers plenty of features, but if you want more then you can make in-app purchases. Available for iOS and Android.


7. PicMonkey

For those looking for a super simple solution that provides a range of ready-made filters and editing tools, PicMonkey’s online photo editor tool might be the best choice. The application provides a wide range of templates, as well as Color Changer and background eraser. 

PicMonkey is available for iOS and Android.


8. Canva

Canva is a popular tool not only for social media content creation, but also for graphic design in general. Besides offering well-designed templates, it also allows users to create everything from scratch.

Although Canva can’t replace professional photo editing tools, its templates, elements, and photo effects give you a variety of ways to create and edit graphics.

Both the Canva desktop and mobile app have a free version. Available on Android and iOS devices.


9. Creative Cloud Express (formerly AdobeSparkPost)

With drag-and-drop technology Creative Cloud Express makes it effortless for users to create and edit social media content. There are thousands of templates to choose from and features to boost your posts. You can get a Photoshop-quality look, animate video posts, convert them to GIFs, and apply your brand to your design in one tap.

Both iOS and Android versions of Creative Cloud Express are available


Best Instagram stories apps

Sharing Instagram stories is an excellent way of connecting with your followers and showing them what’s happening behind the scenes. Plus, they’re super easy to create. These tools will let you create engaging IG Stories that will capture your audience’s attention. Check out our guide containing the best practices on how to make Instagram stories.

10. Unfold

It’s one of the best Instagram apps that lets you edit photos and videos for stories and choose from hundreds of Instagram story templates. With this toolkit for storytellers, you can create beautiful collages for Instagram Stories and use design, filters, and fonts to make your content stand out.

The tool also offers tutorials, so you can learn how to use it fairly quickly. Unfold will definitely help you create compelling stories that viewers will enjoy (and also works great as a layout planner).

Unfold is available for iOS and Android.


11. Story Art

This Instagram story editor app offers 500+ story layout templates that will help you create beautiful collages for Instagram stories. You can upload your story to Instagram without worrying about the right size, and without the need to cut or crop your images.

Moreover, with Story Art you can create your original highlight cover with high-quality logos and icons that polish your profile.

iOS and Android users can use Story Art.


12. InShot

Among the best apps for Instagram Stories, this video and photo editor is a great choice. InShot’s video editor comes with a range of features including trimming, cutting, splitting, cropping, and merging. In addition, it provides a variety of effects, video backgrounds, and filters. You don’t have to worry about remembering all Instagram Story dimensions with inShot – they are all included in the offered templates.

Worth checking out.

It is compatible with iOS and Android.


13. Typorama

The Typorama app lets you quickly enliven your Instagram Story images with fun and attention-grabbing text. There are a wide variety of typographic layouts in the app with different font styles and typefaces to choose from. A tool that can put the icing on your Instagram Stories cake.

The app is available only for iOS devices at the moment.


14. GoDaddy Studio (formerly Over)

With GoDaddy Studio, you can create stunning social posts, Instagram stories, logos, posters, and so much more without having any design skills.

Using this tool, you can create Instagram Stories templates that will allow you to quickly adjust your content to your brand identification every time.

Available for iOS and Android.


Best Instagram apps for Reels

Are you overwhelmed by Instagram’s Reels editing tool? We have to admit it’s not the most user-friendly feature in the world. You can streamline the creation process with any of the below tools.

15. Wondershare FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a user-friendly program for beginners that lets you create reels almost like action movies. You can add video effects with ease, crop videos, export in HD quality, and much more.

Moreover, it provides a keyframe animation tool and other special effects so that you can fully experience the fun of video editing.

You can use Filmora for free, but an exported video will contain a watermark. Available for iOS and Android.


16. iMovie

Apple’s iMovie software lets you create Hollywood-style trailers and beautiful videos like never before. It has an intuitive interface and support for multi-touch gestures.

There is even the option to use ready-made video templates – just pick one, add movies and text, and iMovie will take care of the rest.

Applicable only to iOS.


17. Quik by GoPro

This powerful yet simple editing tool can help you create thrilling Reels. Auto-synchronizing edits to the music is the best feature, since that’s the most time-consuming part of editing reels.

Going further, you can change video speed with a tap, choose from dozens of filters, trim, color, and crop on the fly. With GoPro, you will love it even more.

Available on both iOS and Android.


18. WeVideo

With WeVideo, you don’t need special skills to make and share compelling videos. It’s a simple tool that helps you prepare Reels for further editing.

One of its most useful features is the stock library, which contains royalty-free music tracks, songs, pictures, and illustrations.

Available for iOS and Android.


19. Splice

You can trim movies, add slow motion effects, and overlay multiple clips to make beautiful videos you’ll like sharing. As Splice says: “Mobile editing has never been easier.” 

It’s definitely a simple tool with basic yet powerful features that are super helpful if you want to create quick Reels.

Available for iOS and Android.



Below you will find tools that do not fit into any of the previous categories, but can be great add-ons to your Instagram toolbox.

20. Instagram Layout

Yes, this is an Instagram layout app that was actually created by Instagram. It is probably the most effective app for creating collages from up to nine of your photographs. You can choose to include pictures from your camera roll or take photos as you go and then arrange them in different layouts. In addition, you can choose to use all the regular Instagram filters on your collage photos to make the overall effect even more attractive.

Instagram Layout is available free as an app for both iPhone and Android.


21. AutoHash

One of the biggest Instagram mistakes is to add zero hashtags to posts and stories. AutoHash makes sure you never make that mistake again!

You no longer have to guess what hashtags to use for your posts. With AutoHash’s extensive research you’ll find the right ones. The app’s algorithm categorizes hashtags for the most popular categories and automatically applies them to your posts.

Furthermore, the app tracks how many hashtags you have used and lets you bookmark your favorites for later use.

Only available for Android.


22. Hashtag Expert 

There is also a great hashtag tool for iPhone users. Hashtag Expert is a simple tool that you can use right away to discover tags for your new posts. You just need to type in the base hashtag and a hashtag group will be generated from it.

Tap on hashtags that you want, and the app will generate a list of hashtags for you to copy and paste. Simple to use, with a nice design. Additionally, you can use tools such as Captions to come up with creative captions for your posts.

Only available for iPhone.


23. SocialBlade

This tool is especially useful if you’re planning an influencer campaign and you want to find endorsements for your brand. SocialBlade provides insights into daily Instagram analytics, progress charts, future predictions, Instagram top charts, and much more.

You can add up to five social media channels that you want to constantly monitor for free. Definitely a must-have among the available Instagram analytical tools.

Available for iOS and Android.


24. UNUM

The UNUM app is an all-in-one design, marketing, and planning tool. An outstanding interface design and responsiveness make it stand out from its competitors.

The app is excellent for planning Instagram grids and keeping them cohesive. This program allows you to edit, replace, add captions, and change photo order back and forth to find the best one. An absolute must-have for aesthetic freaks.

Available for iOS and Android.


25. MilkShake

Turn your ‘link in bio’ into a beautiful Milkshake website in minutes with this app. They’re so easy to make and update, and you don’t need to know anything about designing or building websites.

Milkshake gives you access to many templates that you can quickly customize to your needs by adding brand colors, fonts, logos, banner images, or display pictures. It’s easy to add your content, and all designs are beautiful, professional, and mobile-friendly.

Available for iOS and Android.


26. Grid Post Maker

This app is perfect for those who want to bring some flair to their Instagram grid. By splitting up a photo, this app will post the parts one by one so that they will appear as a banner on your Instagram profile. One of the best Instagram practices you can implement is to keep your grid near and consistent – with Grid Post Maker, you can do just that. 

Available on iOS and Android.


27. Kontentino: the one that changes your workflow


Are you looking for a tool that will streamline your workflow and help you manage content? Here’s Kontentino, designed specifically for managing social media accounts.

Thanks to this tool, you can publish your content faster and more efficiently without sacrificing quality. Kontentino enables you to schedule all types of Instagram posts including IGTV, stories, carousels, and video posts.

With its inbuilt Instagram Publisher, you’ll be able to schedule posts automatically. What’s more, it provides analytics, live post previews, and an Instagram grid scheduler. What more could an Instagrammer need?

If you manage more than one profile or work on your brand’s account with others, Kontentino can assist you with that as well. Team and agency collaboration is made easy with this tool – you can design approval workflows, look at tasks, exchange comments, and plan social media strategies together.

If you want to know what makes Kontentino a great Instagram management tool (and believe us, it’s worthwhile), don’t hesitate to sign up for a free demo and find out yourself.

The best Instagram apps will help your brand to stand out 

As Instagram continues to grow, so will the number of businesses using it. You need to find the best Instagram apps to suit your purpose if you want to keep standing out from the crowd. We hope we have given you some good places to get started.


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