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Best Agorapulse Alternatives for 2024 (and Beyond)

Kinga Edwards
Written by
Kinga Edwards

Thinking about switching from Agorapulse? 

Or, looking for a couple of other options to compare with what Agorapulse offers? 

No matter what your case is, today we’ll show you a few other tools you can use instead of Agorapulse. 

While Agorapulse is a nice and versatile platform for social media management, it’s only fair you’re checking alternatives before making your final call!

Agorapulse alternatives comparison criteria for social media management tools

We narrowed our search for Agorapulse alternatives by focusing on a few key criteria. Although there are numerous factors to consider, we chose to focus on the following:

  • General Overview. We started by looking at the overall feel that each platform offers. Interface, ease of use, and range of services are all considered here.
  • Key Features. We analyzed the standout features of each alternative, also determining what makes them different from Agorapulse. It could be anything from advanced analytics tools to superior social media management tools.
  • Best For. Since different platforms serve different needs, we identified the target groups that would benefit most from each alternative. 
  • Pricing. Our last step was to compare each platform’s pricing structure. With various budgets and needs in mind, we assessed the cost-effectiveness and value proposition offered.

Depending on the needs, other criteria may be relevant, such as customer support, integration capabilities, and scalability. To create a concise but informative comparison, we focused on the above to help you choose the best Agorapulse alternative.

Best Agorapulse alternatives for 2024

1. Kontentino

Kontentino is a robust social media content management platform, specifically tailored for agencies, brands, and enterprises. 

As a comprehensive solution for managing social media profiles, its rich feature set positions it as one of the top Agorapulse alternatives. Kontentino enhances collaborative social media planning. 

Key features

  • Direct scheduling and publishing to Instagram. Social media scheduling from posts and Stories to Reels, Kontentino has it all covered.
  • Streamlined collaboration. Facilitate the content approval process with clients and team members through comments, notes, tasks, and best-in-class approval process. 
  • Google Business Profile integration. Publish content directly to your Google Business Profile without any hassle.
  • Bulk scheduling capability. Simultaneously schedule and cross-publish multiple posts across various platforms and profiles. 
  • AI-powered content generation. Leverage artificial intelligence to craft engaging content for your social media posts, all under one roof.
  • Customized PDF reports. Analyze and measure marketing activities with Kontentino’s customizable analytics reports for both posts and pages.

Ideal for

  • Marketing agencies. With collaboration tools, easy scheduling, and tailored client reports, social media marketing agencies can fully leverage this Agorapulse alternative power.
  • In-house marketing teams. Corporations will enjoy bulk scheduling, Google Business Profile publishing, and direct Instagram management.
  • Content creators and social media strategists. With AI content creation and a streamlined workflow for planning and analytics, everyday work becomes a breeze. 


With plans starting at $59 a month, Kontentino takes the lead as one of the most affordable Agorapulse alternatives on the market. 

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a widely recognized social media management platform that is a good Agorapulse alternative.

source: https://www.hootsuite.com/

It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage, schedule, and analyze social media content across various platforms.

Key features

  • Post scheduling. Drafting, scheduling, and publishing of social media posts is made easier. 
  • Content discovery streams. Such a feed helps in finding relevant content and hashtags.
  • Social ads campaign management. This includes ad profiles and unlimited social ads analytics & reporting.
  • Analytics. Hootsuite offers customizable reports, performance-by-goal reports, and competitive benchmarking.

Best for

  • Small to medium-sized businesses. With features like multi-profile scheduling and content curation, it makes social media management easier.
  • Social media enthusiasts and influencers. With Hootsuite, they will find bulk scheduling, link shortening, and tracking capabilities.
  • Customer service teams. Using features like all-in-one centralized inbox and skill-based routing can help agents stay on track.


Hootsuite offers various pricing plans, starting from the Professional plan at $99 per month to the custom Enterprise plan. While it provides a wide range of features, it’s worth noting that this Agorapulse alternative is not the cheapest option available.
The plans are tiered based on needs, and the Business plan, for example, is priced at $739 per month, billed annually. It is one of the most expensive alternatives to Agorapulse.

3. Sprout Social

Another of Agorapulse’s competitors, Sprout Social, offers a comprehensive social media management platform. 

source: https://sproutsocial.com/

Businesses can use features like publishing, scheduling, reporting on their social media strategy, and more.

Key features

  • All-in-one social inbox. Centralizes social media interactions across various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 
  • Flexible content management. Social managers can publish, schedule, draft, and queue posts. 
  • In depth-analysis. Generate competitive reports for multiple social media accounts.
  • Social media listening and monitoring. Customer sentiment analysis in the Smart Inbox and Reviews provides insights into customer perceptions.

Best for

  • Brands seeking competitive insights. The brands can generate detailed reports and trend analysis in this social media management tool.
  • Businesses focusing on customer engagement. They can benefit from chatbots and automated link tracking. 
  • Social media specialists. With features like digital asset and content libraries, and optimal send times scheduling, they can streamline the process.


Sprout Social’s pricing starts at $249 per month for the Standard plan, with additional costs for extra users. The Professional and Advanced plans are priced at $399 and $499 per month, respectively, with custom pricing for the Enterprise plan. While Sprout Social offers a rich set of features, it’s important to note that it’s not the most affordable option, and might be a hurdle for a social media budget. 

4. Sendible

Sendible is a versatile social media management tool that serves as an Agorapulse alternative.

source: https://www.sendible.com/

This tool was created to help users grow their audience, attract new customers, and reach social media goals with an all-in-one platform.

Key features

  • Unlimited scheduling. Allows for planning and content ideas across various social profiles.
  • Direct access to Canva, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Integrations make collaboration easier.
  • WordPress Integration. Enhances content creation and customization.
  • Smart queues and bulk scheduler. This offers flexibility in content distribution to social media managers.

Best for

  • Freelancers and startup agencies. Unlimited scheduling and reporting should be of help for them to manage multiple clients. 
  • Brands focusing on engagement. They can use real-time comment monitoring and social listening. 
  • Content creators. With built-in image editing and integration with other social media marketing tools, it’s one of the most versatile Agorapulse alternatives. 


Sendible offers various pricing plans, starting from the Creator plan at $25 per month (billed yearly) to the White Label plan at $399 per month (billed yearly). There’s also an option for a custom plan tailored for large teams and agencies. Seeming affordable at first, Sendible may be a really expensive Agorapulse alternative for those on a budget, especially when adding additional profiles or users.

5. Bulkly

Bulkly is a streamlined social media automation tool that is a viable Agorapulse alternative.

source: https://www.bulk.ly/

This social media solution is created to help marketing professionals and social media teams save time by planning and automating updates across various social media platforms.

Key features

  • Recycle posts. This feature allows for the re-use of status updates to expose new followers to your content.
  • Drip scheduling. Improve social media presence and schedule posts to social media platforms at specific intervals. 
  • Auto post generator. With this feature, social media managers can automate the creation and posting of content.
  • Content curation and RSS automation. It offers flexibility in discovering and posting content across multiple social media profiles, saving time.

Best for

  • Solopreneurs. With features like post recycling and drip scheduling, solo entrepreneurs can efficiently manage their social media strategy. 
  • Power users managing multiple social media accounts. With the Pro Plus plan, they can manage many profiles.
  • Content marketers and designers. Their social media calendar will benefit from automated recurring posts.


Bulkly offers three main pricing plans: Pro for $19 per month, Pro Plus for $49 per month, and Pro Plus Agency for $99 per month. As Bulkly is also a social media tool that works as a plugin, third-party account access might also be required.

6. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is a social media solution that offers itself as an Agorapulse alternative. 

source: https://www.meetedgar.com/

With a focus on automation and ease of use, it’s designed to help small businesses and side hustlers manage their social media accounts across platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, on Pinterest.

Best features

  • Unlimited scheduled posts. This alone allows for endless scheduling across social media platforms.
  • Weekly automations. Set up time slots for different content categories for automatic posting.
  • Content categories. Organize content into categories for streamlined scheduling.
  • Additional social account connections. You can customize the number of social accounts managed.

Best for

  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses. With features like unlimited scheduled posts and weekly automations, social media engagement gets easier. 
  • Side hustlers and those just getting started. Utilizing the Eddie plan for 5 social accounts and 10 weekly automations might be the right thing for them. 
  • Content managers seeking automation. With the ability to set up weekly time slots for different content categories, there is a lot of benefit to using this social media scheduler and its advanced features.


MeetEdgar offers two main pricing plans. The monthly plans of this Agorapulse alternative are priced at $29.99 for Eddie and $49.99 for Edgar. This social media scheduler may not be the most affordable choice for those who manage multiple social media channels, or need collaboration features. 

The only way to add more automations or accounts to your plan is by upgrading to the next plan up.

7. Later

Later is a social media marketing platform that can be a suitable alternative to Agorapulse. 

source: https://www.later.com/

No matter what level of social media expertise you have, Later provides a range of features to help your social media marketing efforts.

Best features

  • Auto-publishing. Schedule posts automatically across multiple platforms.
  • Visual Instagram Planner. Plan your Instagram feed visually.
  • Instagram Reels scheduling. Automate the publishing of Instagram Reels.
  • Hashtag suggestions. Get suggestions for relevant hashtags to boost social media engagement. 

Best for

  • Individuals seeking personal posting. Just the basic features of Later should be sufficient for many social media marketers. 
  • Small teams. They can enjoy the Growth plan with 3 Social Sets.
  • Teams with multiple brands. Enterprise plan offers extensive features for brand management.


Later offers various pricing plans, starting from the Starter plan at $25 per month to the Growth plan at $45 per month. There’s also an Enterprise plan with custom pricing. Extra Social Sets, users, and credits can be added at additional costs – so the price can go up in no time. Also, Later is one of these social media management tools whose plans limit how many posts you can schedule, so take that into consideration.

8. Loomly

Loomly is a social media management solution for marketing teams – and a solid Agorapulse alternative.

source: https://www.loomly.com/

If you want to grow successful brands online, you can use a range of comprehensive features delivered by Loomly.

Best features

  • Multi-user collaboration tool. Post approval or commenting system allow for team collaboration with different user levels.
  • Social account management. Supports management of multiple social accounts.
  • Extra marketing tools and integrations. Marketers can use Giphy, UTM shortener, or Hashtag Manager. 
  • Core features for social media management: The set includes content creation, scheduling, and social media analytics tool.

Best for

  • Small to medium-sized businesses. With features enabling managing multiple social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, they can have control over the publication.
  • Marketing teams focusing on brand growth. Loomly is a social media publishing tool that can help them grow their brand easily.
  • Content creators and social media managers. With the ability to manage multiple social accounts and sponsor posts under one roof, social media marketing becomes simplified. 


Loomly offers various pricing plans, starting from the Base plan at $35 per month to the Premium plan at $359 per month. There’s also an Enterprise plan with custom pricing for larger teams and more social media channels. 

9. ZohoSocial

Zoho Social is a dynamic social media management software. 

source: https://www.zoho.com/social/

It caters to a wide range of needs – whether you’re a small business owner, a marketer, or a social media executive, it offers a range of features for effortless social media marketing.

Best features

  • Multi-channel publishing. Zoho Social allows publishing across multiple channels. 
  • Bulk scheduling: With this feature, you can plan posts in advance.
  • SmartQ and Repeat posting. This social media publishing tool offers intelligent scheduling and reusing of posts.
  • Monitoring dashboard and notifications. Zoho Social helps keep track on social media messages, monitor conversations in real-time, and identify relevant influencers if needed.

Best for

  • Small to medium-sized businesses. With features like content approvals, workflow, and custom reports, they can manage social media and measure performance way easier. 
  • Content marketers. They can use a plethora of tools like image editor, media library, and RSS feeds.
  • Enterprise brands focusing on collaboration. With team member audio/video chat and content discussing capabilities, drawing valuable insights is hassle-free.


Zoho Social offers three main pricing plans: Standard at $10 per month, Professional at $30 per month, and Premium at $40 per month, all billed annually. There are also add-ons for additional brands and team members. 

10. Sked Social

Sked Social is a social media management solution that offers a lot of automation options. 

source: https://www.skedsocial.com/

It offers a range of features that enable businesses and individuals to plan, collaborate, publish, engage, convert, and optimize their social media content across multiple social channels. 

Best features

  • Unlimited scheduled posts. This allows for scheduling as many posts as desired across platforms.
  • AI captions. Draft better captions for posts with Captivate, Sked’s AI social media writing assistant.
  • Social inbox. Manage and reply to all social media conversations in one place.
  • A set of integrations. Direct integrations with Canva and indirect integrations through Zapier help you build your own social media workflow. 

Best for

  • Small businesses. With many ways to streamline workflow, small companies can work seamlessly on social media. 
  • Social media content creators. They can use the visual content planner and grid planner for better social media management.
  • Teams focusing on collaboration. Automation, AI, and collaboration make work easier.


Sked Social offers various pricing plans, starting from the Fundamentals plan at $30 per month to the Professional plan from $159 per month. Enterprise pricing is also available.

Choose the best social media management tool today

When exploring Agorapulse alternatives, it’s essential to consider various social media management platforms with diverse features. For example, social media scheduling is a must, while social listening and social media monitoring might be nice-to-have. 
Kontentino stands out as the best Agorapulse alternative. There’s no way hundreds of reviews can be wrong. Want to manage social media more efficiently? How about giving Kontentino a go, now?

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