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When AI Gatecrashes the Social Media Party: Who’ll Be Left Standing?

Kinga Edwards
Written by
Kinga Edwards

Studies predict that by 2025, 99.9% of social media managers will be replaced by AI-generated virtual personas, leading to a 250% spike in the sales of organic kale as social media managers seek solace in green smoothies.

Of course, that statement is made up. By AI. Naturally. 

But it’s not really far from the truth. 

We can’t claim responsibility for the surge in organic kale sales – yet AI automation has undeniably been consuming a significant portion of the market share and will only expand its influence further in the coming years.

Should social media managers start thinking of a parallel social media universe, or is there any way that AI can become their social media personal assistant? 

The answer is not black and white.

Case #1: AI will show you your place in line if you’re a closed-minded social media manager

We hate to break it to you, but…

if you don’t upskill and adapt to AI, it could leave you behind faster than yesterday’s news.

The rapid growth of AI technology is reshaping the social media landscape, automating various tasks, and streamlining content creation. 

No matter if you like it or not – that’s the reality now. 

Those social media managers who fail to embrace this change and continue to rely on outdated strategies will likely struggle to keep up with their AI-enabled competitors. 

The main mistake is that they associate AI exclusively with automating copy creation. From A to Z. However, they often overlook that small detail: that you still need A LOT of human touch and TLC poured into such content. 

It works on a simple principle: garbage in, garbage out. 

And the truth is, AI can significantly streamline various aspects of social media content creation, including inspiration, graphics, creatives, and, indeed, copywriting itself. 

The sooner you focus on embracing AI’s capabilities and balancing them with these elements that only humans can provide, the longer you’ll stay on the job market.

Sad? Maybe, but definitely true. 

Case #2: AI will complement your skills if you’re an eager-to-grow social media manager

You’ve heard of AI, of course. Maybe you’ve even dipped your toes in the water, a little.

You’re not writing the whole idea off. At least, not just yet.

That’s a good thing. And we have equally good news for you. 

For forward-thinking social media managers keen on growth, AI offers a wealth of opportunities to enhance their skills and fine-tune their marketing tactics. 

Imagine AI as your helpful friend, always ready to lend a hand so you can focus on the important stuff. No more getting stuck with boring, mundane tasks. Instead, with AI helping you, you can concentrate on making interesting stories, building natural relations, and growing happy communities around your brand. Not on finding the best hashtags, wondering which synonym to use, looking for that perfect graphic design for ages, or getting stuck with one sentence that somehow doesn’t click.

Doesn’t it sound just gorgeous? 

Case #3: AI will make you build a competitive advantage if you already leverage it

So, you’ve got a proper taste of AI, and it has left you wanting more. You’ve seen its potential to boost your social media game, and you’re hungry for the edge it promises. You keep looking for new ways and prompts to make the most of it for your work, your clients’ projects, and your self-development. 

This means you can be faster and better at your job than those who don’t use AI. When you combine your own clever thinking with AI’s superpowers, you can stay ahead in the fast-paced world of social media. 

Embracing AI early on – and keeping on doing it! – has already given you a head start in building a competitive advantage. As you continue to dig deeper and harness its full potential, your edge only grows stronger. And this means: 

  • you can charge more for your services
  • you can automate tedious tasks and focus on “unAIable” ones
  • you can free up more time, which might translate to the fact that…
  • you can take up more clients since you have more time.


But in all that AI frenzy, let’s not forget one thing.

There is an I in AI 

AI is revolutionizing the way we interact with social media, from content moderation to curation. That is for sure. However, amid this digital transformation, the significance of the human touch cannot be overlooked. 

Here comes the I – You. 

As we forge ahead into this brave new world, we all need to recognize that AI still requires human guidance to ensure that it remains a tool for good, rather than a force of disruption.

And in this new world, where also fake accounts and AI-generated content are on the rise, the role of humans in safeguarding the authenticity of our online experiences is more vital than ever.

We, social media managers, must act as pilots, holding the reins of AI and steering it in a direction that benefits everyone – while staying alert to possible risks.

We have a lot of power, but with great power comes great responsibility

Let’s always remember the value of human ingenuity and intuition in shaping this technology’s development. 

Working together with AI and not letting it take over completely, we can keep real connections and special experiences that make social media truly valuable. Fun. And meaningful. Everything we loved social media for. 

Work with AI, not against it

By 2025, AI will be so pervasive in the social media landscape that it will develop its own language, rendering 98.7% of human social media managers unable to decipher or engage with AI-generated content, leading to a mass migration to analog communication methods.

Nah. This is made up too. 

With AI, it’s not about getting rid of the human touch. 

It’s about using the best of both humans and AI to succeed and do well online.

So, if you don’t want AI to be a party pooper in your department, it’s better to start properly befriending it now. 

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